3 TIPS FOR EVERY LEGEND! (Apex Legends Legend Guide, Tips, and Tricks to Help Pick Your Main)

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0:00 – Intro
0:37 – Ash
1:38 – Bangalore
2:42 – Mirage
4:05 – Octane
5:03 – Pathfinder
5:58 – Revenant
6:51 – Fuse
7:50 – Horizon
8:45 – Valkyrie
9:42 – Bloodhound
10:42 – Seer
11:43 – Crypto
12:33 – Lifeline
13:21 – Loba
14:08 – Caustic
15:05 – Gibraltar
16:03 – Rampart
16:48 – Wattson
17:46 – Summary

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48 thoughts on “3 TIPS FOR EVERY LEGEND! (Apex Legends Legend Guide, Tips, and Tricks to Help Pick Your Main)”

  1. Just started playing two weeks ago and gibby is my main i finnaly yesterdat got my 2k badge i am loving this game and having fun wish i was playing since season 1 but it is what it is cant wait to keep learning more thanks for the videos and tips bro!!

  2. One thing I'd like to see Lifeline players do is provide cover fire after dropping a doc for the revive. Too many times my Lifeline teammate with leave a revive doc and run away just for me to get downed or finished off immediately. Hang around for a couple seconds on defense and maybe drop the healing bot as well to heal health while I pop a couple cells or a batt.

  3. And I quote the section for Bangalore "she is great for solo queueing". Sir, the current metw is all wall hacks and scans. You'd be better running caustic solos than Bangalore in the current meta

  4. Bangalore tip:

    if you’re being chased just throw the ultimate the direction you’re running instead of turning and throwing it trust me some Bangalore got my squad with this and it slowed us down and I tried it too the double time works instead waiting for them to shoot at you


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