3 Tricks For When You Run Out of Resin | Genshin Impact

Want to have more fun when you run out of resin in Genshin impact???
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28 thoughts on “3 Tricks For When You Run Out of Resin | Genshin Impact”

  1. @Mtashed do you know the twin swimming pool on the south of starglow cavern (shore area) ? you can see it on the map too, when you visited that area, you will spot some green writings inside the pool walls, is that some sort of quest or anything? IF YOU EVER SEE THIS, HELP ME 🙂 THANKS MAN!

  2. 8:30 I tried that with my sister just to test and yeah she did come over and talked but she said are you okay instead lol also another thing it just so happens my mother saw it too so… Maybe I did it wrong I'll try the neck thing later okey mtashed!!!


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