4 INSANE MYTHS EVERYONE BELIEVES in Apex Legends – Tips and Tricks Guide

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35 thoughts on “4 INSANE MYTHS EVERYONE BELIEVES in Apex Legends – Tips and Tricks Guide”

  1. But you have to consider the level of difficulty to use the r99 and charge rifle. They’re a lot easier to hit making them stronger than the other weapons you mentioned

  2. Well, I was one clipping 80% of the people I ran into in my ranked matches with the r99. I believe the r99 is still worth picking up especially when paired with the wingman or pk/Eva

  3. Why don't you make a video about how we can be heard by the other players about our complaints I bought all those AGL skins because they weren't supposed to come back I bought all the launch bundles because they weren't supposed to come back they can just lie to us how can we get our money back how can we complain and then they charge me $20 for the valk recolor after I own the original I don't like to be lied to but they take no accountability for lying to us I don't want to be negative and I'm not one to want to harbor cosmetics I'm just trying to make a point thankfully I have every prime skin there is but even those are suspect at this point because we don't know what responds moves are going to be you can't predict them and y'all need to be talking about it

  4. The charge rifle is S tier for those who know how to use it. I’m an amazing sniper. Learned how to quick scope in the MW2 days which is probably why I’m terrible with the charge rifle. I’ll take a sentinel or longbow over a charge rifle any day of the weak. But the charge rifles power is undeniable. Highest damage bullet of any floor sniper. Hitscan. Definitely hate getting shot by one.

  5. I think a lot of these R-99 comments are coming from console players and it would explain the thought pattern. With the even stronger controller aim assist it's very common to be able to 1 clip while barely touching the stick. The devs finally have addressed how potent assist is after seeing the BRUTAL numbers of close engagements.

  6. Now the CAR is out the R99 is no longer as good as it was but you are very much underestimating the easy recoil and useablilty of the gun. Other than the CAR because I just don't know, the R99 has far better hipfire of each character stance and while moving. It's the same as the R301. Greater ammoo restriction but the easy recoil and good hipfire means that a lot of people choose it over the flatline despite having the same dps and the flatline has a better dmg per magazine.


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