5 APEX PREDATOR TIPS AND TRICKS! (Apex Legends Tips to Improve INSTANTLY in Season 11)

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0:00 – Intro
0:34 – (#1) Meta Meta Meta!
4:29 – (#2) State of The Game
6:23 – (#3) Feel The Movement
7:44 – (#4) EVO Tricks
9:04 – (#5) Creative Fighting
10:03 – Conclusion

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15 thoughts on “5 APEX PREDATOR TIPS AND TRICKS! (Apex Legends Tips to Improve INSTANTLY in Season 11)”

  1. I’ve been playing loba and loving it. Her ring allows you to get high ground fast and also escape bad positions into cover. Her ult can be used to get shields quick in a gun fight and ammo. So many times teams push me thinking I’m broken. Than I pop my ult after a ring toss. Get new evos fighting at full health quickly. But loba isn’t “meta”? I also like valk.

  2. As a newer player coming over warzone where using the meta is essential at any level, these tips are SUPER helpful! I’ve been going through your backlog of vids and getting so much out of them — Gonna need some coaching soon!

  3. Those tips and tricks are all good and ofc true, but my only problem is my aim. If I would have a good enough aim on MnK I would be Master every split. I have 2600 hours in this game and know everything like I studied it…but my aim says no lmao…

  4. Props to you guys the recent clips in the videos were kinda choppy but this time you definitely delivered big time I think the tips were also really good towards people getting into the ranked scene

  5. The thing with me is I’m very hard on myself and expect to win every fight. I hate losing abs only enjoy winning. When I lose fights I get very annoyed with myself


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