5 CRUCIAL TIPS You NEED TO KNOW To CLIMB in Solo Queue – League of Legends Season 11

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0:00 Intro
1:04 Understand Your Skill Level
2:33 VOD Reviewing Games
4:17 Instill Consistency
6:16 Set Realistic Goals
8:48 QOTD
8:57 Take Mental Resets
11:51 Outro

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48 thoughts on “5 CRUCIAL TIPS You NEED TO KNOW To CLIMB in Solo Queue – League of Legends Season 11”

  1. Kinda difficult to carry as a supp, while trying to get vision for the team, rotating when needed and try to keep them alive. I understand that there are definitely things I need to work on, but I kinda rely on my team. And I can't just steal the kills from them cuz that'll just mess them up from getting items that they need to scale

  2. QOTD: Why advocate low mechanical champions when high mechanical champions usually have higher dps and outplay potential why not advocate the training tool to improve your mechanics watch the best players and guides to understand limits and trade patterns for camille or lee sin for example i think training your skills and apm daily in practice tool is the best way to improve

  3. QOTD: Im silver 1 and close to gold and by the end i want to be mid to high tier gold. I dont play ranked all that often but i do like understanding why i lose and what things i can change. Recently ive been focusing on farming and it has helped tremendously. I feel so much better just by doing that

  4. Qotd : I just want to get to my main elo (i got permabanned with my main acc) which is dia4 in euw/jp but lately I'm having a lot of afks in my games (0.7afk per game in my team in average) and that's makes my team ff 20 asap which makes it so hard to climb , got an acc hardstuck plat 2 with 0.6afk per game , another acc gold 2 0.4afk per game , another acc silv 3 0.8afk per game (i just finished my game placements…)

  5. first point, exactly diamond player carry silvers.
    my team: top: 2 8 jgl: 1 9 mid: 3 7 supp: 0 7. but hey, diamond players carry silvers, btw i get such teams every 2nd game. so i cant carry them and i am silver true

  6. Listen bro low elo is hell every second game is either bad players, inting, trolling or afks theres no evening out if i ever get a chance to do placements again im only ever gonna do them with my friends around my skill level

  7. I could just play yi, lee, or voli in jungle every game and never lose but thats truly boring i wanna have fun while climbing and trust me i play sylas jungle i have 50 WL as both a jungler and sylas main

  8. My way to stop tilting is by playing ultimate bravery. It shows you the crazy sides of champ builds but on the flip, it can show you that things can be much worse than the game ur fretting over

  9. i've only ever legitimately tilted once… and that was when I was going AP thresh (cuz it was actually decently fun and I liked it) and I was 2v1ing talon and xin, I was right above baron and it was 21 minutes in and im 8/0 (talon wasn't the greatest) and my jungler ww decided that while I was 2v1ing as thresh, it was a good idea to solo baron without any sustain items at 21 minutes… i pinged for assistance twice and question marked him thrice and in the end i got xin and talon to about 5% hp and we both died. I was… very mad to say the least. I wanted to stop for the day right then and there. So to all junglers out there, please, PLEASE do not solo baron at 21 minutes while a 2v1 is happening directly above you.

  10. I'm in Bronze 1 right now basically playing shen top/supp only. mostly top. I'd like to hit high silver/gold by the end of the season. I started playing league in season 10 but never really touched ranked until this season

  11. To the ProGuides script writer: I really hope you know that Ezreal is one of the strongest ADCs in lane (if played correctly). There are plenty of ADCs who are way weaker than Ezreal in lane. ADCs as Sivir, Twitch, Aphelios, Jinx, and Senna as examples. I’d really appreciate it if you can stop using Ezreal as the “weak laner” example every time. It’s not only straight up wrong, it also makes people who know this fact question ProGuides’ credibility.

  12. I’ll give you one tip, learn a lane besides support or adc and just learn to carry. There, you’ll hit gold/plat easily. Never relay on anyone in plat or below. They’ll screw you over. Unless you’re in the china or Korean servers.

  13. Its good to watch the replays again,but now we cant see the replays for some reason,1 game of billions has so many bugs and problems,and they are not fixing them.2 weeks(or more) we cant download and seee the replays!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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