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Today we look at 5 Mirage tips for Apex Legends in under 60 Seconds to help you become that better Mirage player! Mirage is a decent legend with a lot of power and an offensive play style and overall is a legend that can cater to a unique play style! These Apex Legends Mirage Tips and Tricks are meant to help you in under 60 seconds. Let me know if you would like more Mirage Tips in a future Video. Do you enjoy Mirage in Apex Legends Season 8? These tips might be more of Apex Legends Tips for beginners as some are fairly obvious but are good to state! What other legends other than Apex Legends Season 8 Tips for Mirage would you like to see? Apex Legends Season 8 Tips and Tricks are always a great time to make!

Let me know if these short Format Apex Legends tips and tricks are helpful and if I should do some more of them! Hope you enjoy the Apex Mirage Tips! #Shorts

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  1. I’ve not thought of using decoy for footstep purposes in a diff. Direction that you actually are attacking but this low key could be a beast of a play cause I swear the decoy footsteps be louder than the actual mirage

  2. I'm a mirage main and I have noticed that the decoys in his ultimate take abt 1-2 second to start moving before they would mirror you're movement from start to end and now the decoys movement is delayed and that needs to be fixed cause I'm pretty sure it's a bug

  3. These are good tips indeed for all those new players. How many times was i able to anticipate or see throughout the mirage players game and bring him down by shooting the right one right away. Bottom line, try to be unpredictible and use the clones during the fight to fool your opponent.

  4. I kinda feel like mirage's decoys coping him when he heals or uses batts would make him much more vaiable for comp I think he's great but everyone is always complaining about him being bad so that could be a decent buff

  5. If you're in a 1v1 in a smaller room with tables in it you can ult which will cause your opponent to get their audio and visuals overloaded since there will be so many things moving and making noses, making it harder to track you so you can take the opponent down safely. I did this in an office building on Worlds Edge and it worked a couple times.

  6. you didnt mention this tip and some people don't know about it, but if you activate your ult while UNARMED (no gun in hand) your invisibility lasts longer allowing you to get some nice stuff off. I use it to push in arenas and its very effective

  7. How are you going to mirror the movement of the decoy when the decoy is mirroring your movement you're basically mirroring yourself you just don't do what a decoy can't do like climb up walls or don't look the weirdest out of the bunch like I always shoot the mirage that looks like it's running away


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