5 SECRET TIPS to NEVER DIE – I WISH I Knew These MUCH SOONER – Apex Legends Guide

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21 thoughts on “5 SECRET TIPS to NEVER DIE – I WISH I Knew These MUCH SOONER – Apex Legends Guide”

  1. Great video. I've been getting good at crouch spamming in fights but it's a challenge to hit shots while I do it. Definitely going to take some practice to get good at it.

  2. I highly recommend not grabbing an golden shield when at blue or above. Reason being that it cannot develop over time with damage done, and yes you can swap later, but from my own experience I recommend just not picking one up in general unless needed.

  3. I don’t play shooters and I’m starting with this game. Like this I’d the first shooter I’ve ever played and my aim is shit anyone have any tips on how I can improve my aim


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