5 WEAPONS that are ABSOLUTELY BROKEN – CARRY Like a PREDATOR in Ranked – Apex Legends Guide

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36 thoughts on “5 WEAPONS that are ABSOLUTELY BROKEN – CARRY Like a PREDATOR in Ranked – Apex Legends Guide”

  1. Last night I used the triple-take. I always avoid snipers but I thought "what the hell I'll try it".
    With only a basic 1x sight for better targeting I got my first 3 kills right away. Giving the weapon time to line up properly I was shocked at how good it was being used as a normal rifle.
    Why have I slept on the weapon for so long? I actively look for one now (along with the Devotion which which I've always loved)

  2. The Flatline is without a doubt the strongest weapon short of the Kraber (and that's only a technicality). It deals more than 550 damage per mag, at very high DPS.

    Unless someone 2 taps you with the PK you have more than enough time to hipfire them to death while missing half your shots.

    The r99 is the most unforgiving gun in the game.

    The CAR doesn't have the same range as the Flatline.

    The r301 is extremely good and does come close but eats your bullets like no tomorrow. And getting 2 kills in one mag is not realistic, though technically possible against a purple and a blue.

    The energy LMGs have garbage recoil and require a hopup to be viable.

    The Rampage is very good, but missing a single bullet drives your ttk to the sky.

    And literally every other weapon doesn't have the same versatility as the Flatline. (mbe the Volt, but it can't equip a 3x, so long range is painful)

    The Flatline can compete in almost every situation if you are good enough with it.

  3. For me, the only gun i like in this is the Mastiff, cuz im a Gibby player, for ARs, i use the flatline cuz i can control it easily + the hipfire accuracy, for smgs i use the volt cuz i can control it easily, for long range, i use the Sentinel or the Bow, i know its a weird choice, but i can beam and with those and iknow the recoil pattern for these guns.

  4. I swear these apex content channels purposely leave out clear points just so ppl like me bring it to the comments. I have yet to see any streaming pred NOT use the flatline. It is taking over the game. It’s objectively the best on paper and not even a hard gun to use. Its usage in pred and even pro lobbies is so outrageous that I can not believe no one is questioning if it’s just a bit too strong right now.


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