8 GAME LOSING Mistakes EVERY Player Makes in Arena | Shadowlands 9.0 Guide

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0:00 – Intro
0:14 – Positioning
4:48 – Lack Of Damage
6:20 – Wasting Crowd Control
9:44 – Not Paying Attention To Enemy Cast Bars
11:25 – Not Using Interrupts Correctly
13:26 – Not Trading Cooldowns Properly
15:41 – Not Peeling When Needed
17:58 – Not Having A Proper Gameplan

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45 thoughts on “8 GAME LOSING Mistakes EVERY Player Makes in Arena | Shadowlands 9.0 Guide”

  1. These vids are amazing and everything, but I've been subbed for a while now and really don't see the point when everything is posted on YouTube for free. Where are the benefits to paying anymore? The website has been overhauled and it's just YouTube videos clipped into sections. Maybe I'm missing something… 🤷‍♂️

  2. thats good but how to consider that some classes can easy one shoot You. How to deal with that 13k warior crits, 17k retri pall crits, that are not in some cds, they are in normal rotation. How to deal with full HP retri heal? how to deal with that one stun rogue one shoot? how to deal with that melle classes that training healers and they can easly one shoot them only by staing on them. How to deal with retri pal with aggresive buble and he can easly one shoot u during 8s that u cant cc him. How to deal with all that OP stuff that are going right now and some classes cant not escape or deal with it. How to deal with hybird classes having equal healing to healer classes? please help, what to do other than respec to that OP class, im playing DH with my resto druid friend, and if we see, retri pal, warriors, monks ww, mage fire, rogues sub, we cant beat that, its too much one shoot oportunities for them, our cc cant handle it, resto heal cant handle it …

  3. This is very informative and helpful, please continue making videos. I'm stuck at 1350-1500 rating always going up and down, and identifying what I'm doing wrong is very hard to do, but looking at these key points can probably help me see what I'm doing wrong.

  4. in the feral+resto clip at the start… I'm 99% sure a resto druid could have NOT healed through that damage even if he had LoS. The feral blew up in less then a global, the druid needs multiple globals to overgrowth hots, ironbark, swiftmend/NS+regrowth to even have a chance.
    And even if his healing would be enough, there's smokebomb that would prevent the feral from even exiting it before dying.

  5. I've been playing 3v3 with my friends and literally getting deleted by the enemy opponents like every round. We're all 185 full vers but somehow every enemy team has at least 28k hp.

    We're really wondering whats happening, health going from 100% to 0% in less then a second. We're out of idea's.. There is no skill in this whatsoever..

  6. When those are game losing mistakes which every player makes, then there are no players existing, who actually win a game. Everyone is a looser. Highest possible rating is 0. Am I right? Kappa

  7. While this "overview" helps a lot, i feel like 90% of the things said can only come down to "have you played for X amount of time, so you have the experience" … maybe i'm alone in this, but just talking tactics, while very useful and makes me aware, also feels in a way weird to me lol.. just my two cents. Overall the video helped a lot in realizing some things! well done on it and looking for more! 🙂


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