90% of Apex Players Don't Have This SKIN! (Apex Legends)

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41 thoughts on “90% of Apex Players Don't Have This SKIN! (Apex Legends)”

  1. personal octane’s best skins are actually 2 and they’re tied, in my opinion its clocktane because it’s literally octane as a steampunk and dasher because it’s literally as a reindeer. just phenomenal skins

  2. This octane skin came out in season 3 event right after winter express name of the event was Grand soiree it included so much fun ltm's like Gold rush duo, Third person mode, Dummy's big day

  3. Clocktane Skin: Part of Season 3's Grand Soirée Arcade Event in early 2020, and was last featured solo in the Apex Item Store in January 2020. I started playing in season 3 that's why I remember, love your vids Ratchet!!

  4. A lot of people are talking about rare legend skins and how sad they are that they are going to return but something truely rare is the outside of the lines g7 skin because you had to do a total of 21 daily challenges and because it was locked behind a quest in a event it should never return because that it is a exklusive Event skin,not like the shop or collection Event ones,that can Comeback anytime


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