Activists call to move MLB All-Star game over Georgia's new voting law

There are calls from activists to move the MLB All-Star game out of Georgia since the new voting bill was signed into law.


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22 thoughts on “Activists call to move MLB All-Star game over Georgia's new voting law”

  1. Memo to all A$$hole BLM Inc. supporters . . . Jim Crow laws are a product of THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!!
    You are being Gaslit, lied to!!!
    You are Soviet useful idiots!!
    But it's your choice. And this is just baseball

  2. Joe Biden idiot he probably don't even know who Jim Crow is and your body's got a lot of balls iftar call black people predators being against the integration of schools because he didn't want his children going to a jungle saying poor kids are just as smart as white kids and we all know what he meant by poor kids he meant black kids they're going to put you all back in Chains if you don't vote for me then you ain't black even Carmela Harris called in the races during the Democratic National debate so he could just shut his mouth our soldiers were the only people allowed to have absentee ballots and they still are and there weren't too many states it had drop boxes so you can put in your ballot normally people went to the polling booth and voted in person on one single day the Democrats are using racism once again because they want to continue to mail invalid bull crap that they stole the election from Donald Trump last time that's why George is doing this so they can't steal another election is called it's called election integrity mail in ballots should be illegal if you can get a Home Depot going to the supermarket you sure as hell don't go vote in person and they need to get rid of the Dominion software system and it Dominion machines

  3. What’s more racist?

    1. Voter ID laws to prevent fraud; or

    2. Pushing an agenda that ID laws are racist so people of color wont get IDs and will continue to be denied from getting:

    – drivers licenses to drive cars
    – bank accounts build equity
    – debit or credit cards to build credit
    – passports to travel the world
    – stocks & crypto to grow income
    – jobs that have benefits & growth
    – loans to buy homes & businesses

    Can’t get these things without ID and if you believe minorities don’t have ID then you are Ok with them staying deprived. Now ask yourself who is really keeping poor people down by claiming it’s racist for minorities to need ID. If you are so out of touch with society that you have no form of ID frankly you have no business voting. Ask yourself why all these organizations are falling in line, maybe they don’t want to lose lucrative TV & Cable deals controlled by the MSM? Georgia is making the right step for democracy. I hope more states will make this move to protect the integrity of our votes. It’s nonsense that they claim ID laws are racist. Our Democracy is at risk right now because people don’t trust our election process. Georgia made the right move to protect our democracy.

    Bad move MLB. I’m joining half the country to cancel you. Let’s see how this plays out when 95% of baseball fans are already white conservatives who don’t buy into this cancel culture BS.

  4. MLB Baseball should worry about playing baseball and stay out of State Politics. If this is an issue of great concern to MLB, then they should have argued on behalf of the 3.2 million American citizens of Puerto Rico who have never been able to vote. The disenfranchised US citizens of Puerto Rico have been fighting and dying in every American War since 1917 starting with WW1. Think about it, Roberto Clemente was good enough to serve in the USMC, but could never vote for the Commander and Chief (US President). Where is the justice?🤔

  5. MLB teams require a photo ID to buy a beer. Are they all Jim Crow? It is absurd.
    Asking for a photo ID is not Jim Crow. Baseball is under a delusion. Because there were no fans in the stands
    in 2020, they are under the delusion about the amount of support they
    still have from fans. I started boycotting the sport at the start of
    the 2020 season due to the fact that MLB from it's official Twitter
    account defended kneeling for the flag and anthem. I have not seen even
    an inning of MLB since 2019. MLB is becoming more and more political.
    The 2020 World Series had terrible ratings and I think you will really
    see a drop off by the 2021 World Series. Here are things to do 1)
    cancel your subscription to the MLB channel, 2) don't wear MLB clothing
    or hats, 3) if you have email subscriptions to MLB or teams unsubscribe,
    4) cancel your subscription to MLB teams on You Tube, 5) don't go to any games,
    6) cancel your SABR membership.


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