AD Thresh Top Is Back – League of Legends Off Meta

I’ve returned from my League break. AD Thresh? H’s always here, just build him right.

Fun game but boy did that just kinda snowball.

“OneShot” AD Thresh Guide Here!:


We have a discord too:

New Twitter:

Some games just be like that.

For the YouTube followers, it probably didn’t seem like very long that I was away from League, hopefully anyway, as I maintained daily uploads the whole time, mostly uploading in advance. I haven’t yet returned to streaming, and will do in a week, but going over and following me on Twitch (link above) is appreciated anyway.

As for the game, yeah Pyke top. And err, the rest of them died too. Lots of mistakes, mine included, but it’s a normal game, just not a ‘normal’ normal game.

Thanks for reading, runes below.


Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating / Second Wind / Conditioning (Matchup dependant, just take Bone Plating if you aren’t sure)
Revitalise / Tenacity (As needed)

Legend Alacrity/Tenacity

See my new AD Thresh Itemisation Guide on MOBAFire:

Music used in the little rage transitions is this:
Super Robot Wars OGs: Calm and Disturbance / Silence and Disturbance

Stream music is by Gamechops
“Zelda & Chill”
“Zelda & Chill 2”
“Poke & Chill”

Hey, you read the description, big PP energy to you!

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37 thoughts on “AD Thresh Top Is Back – League of Legends Off Meta”

  1. Maining Garen top, the best solve to Thresh top is not to get aggressive, and meet their roams. With Garen's E, you can push the wave back when Thresh tries to leave for a roam, and you can meet him there and help out the midlaner/jungler. Wave control is key, and Thresh will usually try to flay the waves to clear them quickly.

  2. The Pyke you were playing against didnt know his matchup. Its kinda hard for Pyke since Thresh cancels basically all your abilities. Mostly you should just let Thresh push and try to drag him under tower or wait for a gank. Exhaust wasnt a way to go. Great job on your videos though! Playing Thresh top makes the game fun for me. Keep it up!


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