Admiral Renata Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

League of Legends Admiral Renata Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Renata on their Admiral Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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00:00 Splash
00:08 Turnaround
00:27 Emotes
00:58 Recall
01:11 Passive
01:18 Basics
01:23 Q Ability
01:42 W Ability
02:45 E Ability
03:01 R Ability
03:39 Crit
03:44 RIP
03:52 Chromas


40 thoughts on “Admiral Renata Skin Spotlight – League of Legends”

  1. I am a BIG Renata hater, I have never faced against her yet because ever since she came out I perma banned her, but I'll say it, her R animation with this skin is probably the single best thing this game has

    Yes I adore Mechas


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