"AFTERMATH" With Lyrics | FnF Darkness Takeover Cover

GOD I WANT TO MAKE MORE DARKNESS TAKEOVER COVERS, GUYS PLEASE DT TEAM IF YOU ARE WATCHING THIS PLEASE GIVE ME EARLY ACCESS OR SOMETHING, PLEASE THIS MOD IS TO GOOD. Okay fan boy mode aside, I hope you enjoyed! This was a little rushed but its a rat race leave me be :(. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE MOD IT IS FIRE. Have a good day or night gamers! 🙂

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PS: When the songs such as, The playable Aftermath, Carwreck and Final Showdown. I WILL MAKE LYRICS ON THEM, also Pin’s and Needles will also be coming out I just pushed it back for this absolute banger! Lmaoo also join the discord for previews!


31 thoughts on “"AFTERMATH" With Lyrics | FnF Darkness Takeover Cover”

  1. aye Gamer i am on to you look at this Below.

    So Gamer references twinkle rooten family airborne and fashied vaules not in the song but in the lyrics! look at this right here so at 0:27 he references fashied vaules cus cleavland brown is effected! and at 1:30 he also references twinkle because when stewie was corrtuped quagmire had to defeat him and cure him which he did but its twinkle but SWAPPED because quagmire is corrupted and stewie isnt. at 2:31 gamer references rooten family because in that song stewie is fighting corrutped peter so when peter gets corrutped they reference it. lol took me 3 mins for this whole text lets get it 10 likes!….

    Edit: at 0:29 he references airborn which is before aftermath and its when they crash down which is before aftermath like the comment now pls pls pls pls GAMER LIKE IT NOW


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