Ahri Mini-Rework & Huge Changes Coming Soon – League of Legends

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Ahri Mini-Rework & Huge Changes Coming Soon – League of Legends

Artwork used : https://www.reddit.com/r/AhriMains/comments/lqpti2/ahri_fanart/

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38 thoughts on “Ahri Mini-Rework & Huge Changes Coming Soon – League of Legends”

  1. agreed with everything you said, tanks are so op this season they don't die and can one-shot other lane champs if they don't go defense items which will make you not deal damage it's sad

  2. If they're reducing damage, I really hope they nerf all of the insane shields in game. Even their anti-shield and anti-heal items are a joke to buy for both ad and ap.

  3. I mean to be fair to galeforce itd be messed up if they kept prowlers but removed that. those immobile adcs are already ridiculously vulnerable due to the more modern and mobile champs. there are times galeforce flash can't save you. I do agree that if a tank is building full tank they should not be dealing damage though. I don't know why riot thinks everyone needs to deal damage and sometimes i think they vastly underestimate how big a problem even moderate damage is on tanks

  4. Ain't mid supposted to be based of assasins, bruisers and mages so obviously those names say it all. Like what should I be in the next season assasin who doesn't assasinate it's target in few seconds rather be assassin with alot of poking and barely gettin' kills, ridiculous…. lol as they update i wanna play less and less…. i think league should be updated based of players who know everything in the game who are really experienced by that I mean challengers right? With this kinda update we're gettin' a question here. Does rito team even play league? What are these unnecessary changes? After this everyone are gonna look to play top/jgl/bot/adc. Like what would i play mid if the lane sucks and there's much better ones to go for. Honestly imagen playin mid with this kinda nerf like bruv you gotta poke so many times and still its questionable are you gonna get kill or not.

  5. Champs with heavy cc and tanky should have capped damage to where they deal something like 10 damage per ability and no more. Tanks should be there to soak up damage, control and protect allies via way of cc and deal tiny amounts of damage. Supports should also deal very tiny amounts of damage, have low cc and high supportive abilities like heals, shields, move speed increases etc. Champs need a role identity and there just isn't onecright now. Every Champs should he useful at something specific rather than several things. Riot just make every champ be able to do everything do people can play them whenever and that's what causes issues.

  6. remember when riot said they were gonna compensate low mobility champs for strikebreaker getting removed since all the other archetypes either have a mobility item or cc item. yeah well they didnt compensate shit. I don't except steraks is must buy right now but so many fucking top items have been gutted and almost entirely due to jnglers buying them not toplane.
    Stridebreaker = cringe
    Triforce = no useful on 99% of top
    Goredrinker = only good into 3+ melee teams on most champs
    and with mage items getting stronger, assassins getting weaker ranged champs are indirectly or directly getting buffed across the board.
    TOP 5 TOPLANERS as of this patch: Tahm Kench, Viktor, Jayce, Irelia, Vayne
    and now steraks is getting nerfed now without anything being actually given to bruisers and fighters toplane?!
    Steraks is dumb but top is just getting items removed back to back to back all season, with other roles getting strong new items (*cough* mages *cough*)
    this is looking like a hard dont play ranked for the first month or so of this season for me, might skip the whole thing if this is the direction of top.

    tl;dr Tops meta has the problem of just revolving around who abuses the strong top mythic the most; but their solution to this is just to gut said item and move onto the next (as they have done with stride, then gore and divine now steraks) Top itemization is in a shit spot and changes like this have just been making it worse. They need to add items not just shit on whichever one is best and move on.

  7. my dude legit said the fundmental of adcs is for them to be imobile and complaint about having a dash,when rn in the game everything other than adcs have a dash.supports tanks midlaners and junglers.So adcs that get oneshoted by the tank assassins the pure tanks the tank supports and eveything else should just stay there with no flash and die a dogs death in teamfight when everyone can get close to them outof the blue. red said you can nowdays build anything with bruiser items so you dont die instantly(and he said he oneshots adcs as tank zed) and oneshot squishies why in the world wouldnt adcs get a free dash when flash has 300 sec cd? the point of an assassin is to kill the carry thats usually squishy and probably die along the way BUT all assassins have a shitload of mobility(stelath jumps dashes blinks resets etc) and on top of that as an assassin you build a tabi and or deaths dance and boom you have a legit 35% flat ad dmg reduction that comes off as bleed so you may not even kill the enemy assassin that has triumph since you couldnt burst through tabi and deaths dance with a mere last whisper.Gale force is not even the core item of half of the adcs.So the adcs that mainly build galeforce are cait jhin xayah lucian kaisa and trist the rest of the adcs are either building kraken shieldbow or lethality.not gonna lie its an option for every adc but who builds gale on draven or kalista or mf or samira for example.the item has a good active but when you are immobile you really dont look on a way to get out but a way to survive burst and and kill them first if you get the chance.For instance kaisa is hyper mobile with her e giving her an invisbility and high movementspeed even for a split second on top of that she can ulti and have a seoncd chance to e(and gaining a huge shield on top)xayah also cait has a has 2 ways to try stopping the enemy those being her w and e and maybe a third being her 650 range so she uses extra mobility to stay out of range,xayah only uses it to reposition cause her w e r are good tools for utility lucian also is kinda mobile with his e spam,but look at the rest of the adcs.jinx is a melter no matter how you look at it so she builds kraken 90% of the time,draven without shieldbow is useless casue he has the acutall potential to 2 shot sb so mobility is meh you either kill or you dont,vayne needs the sustain to keep qing with 0,5s cd,ez doesnt build like the rest of the adcs,varus plays lethality 90% of the time so does mf,samira is a meelee champ so you get the idea,aphelios is actually very situational imo casue he has a shitload of weapons and runes he can play with,kalista is either shieldbow or kraken casue she has a dash in every auto,twitch is either ap or mostly kraken,ashe is meta with shieldbow,senna kraken rageblade or anything casue godknows what they were thinking with that champ, jhin is gale 100% casue the dash and his movement speed with each crit is actually perfect for him,kog is theither shieldbow ap or kraken,fk quinn,akshan is either shieldbow or krakentrist is kinda both gale and kraken.So my point with all of this is that you dont see gale in every adc and honestly there is no reason to complain about it.also there is an item called hextech rocketbelt if i am not mistaken and guess which champs you see it on almost 100% of the time…ekko(medium mobility champ) akali (shroud,zhonyas,2 casts on e,and 2 casts on r :))) ) and the worst of them all is kat.let me remind you that kat has 3 dashes 2 being on the daggers and one after you caught both annnnnnnnnnd if you kill the enemy with those 3 guess what,you have 3 more………on a fucking assassin……….now tell me have you ever seen any adcs build maw? no its only wits end and thats on very few adcs aswell.so all in all adcs are very very strickt with their builds and have little options to chose from.Sorry if i you think i am being biased towards adcs,even though yes i main adc, but its a harsh reality that we face each day.And again sorry for the long post but that reaction on galeforce really got into my skin when red is a zed main and legit said on his own that he 1 shoted adcs as full tank zed(i very rarely comment and thats like my 10th time or something and that shit is way too long sorry)

  8. I am a jungler and honestly, I love the TP plays whether it’s the enemy TP or my teammates TP.
    It makes a nice plays, they shouldn’t nerf TP. If this goes live, you’ll see top with ignite/ Flash.

  9. Trinity force sucks since the item rework
    Gunblade should never have been removed hybrid items were either removed or reworked Gunblade should have been made into a Mythic Item, if they didn't want hybrid builds why are there hybrib champions it's stupid not having hybrid items literally the only champion type that doesn't even have items

  10. Red excuse me, but what the fuck do you mean man? 1st Conqueror, got nerfed bc everyone abused it better than bruisers. Got nerf so hard most of its users(Champs like cassio dont count) shifted to other runes. Then tidebreaker was broken bc the dash was "TOO OP" yet assassins have an armor shredding dash and mages a ap scaling dash plus projectiles that scale, both in cheaper items than Tide. What did riot did? obviously they heard the whining cunts. Now no one exept garen builds the damn thing bc is worthless. Goredrinker was an item FOR bruisers yet you just cant compare the winrates of assasins building said item vs Bruisers building itin its "Broken" peak. "goredinker is broken" Nerf to the fucking ground. Champs like renek, You know THE KIND OF CHAMP THAT GOREDINKER WAS INTENDED TO BUILD went down to 46.3% in High elo after the nerf, Kled literally shifted his build towords Sunfirecape(Relax he got nerf too, he aint viable anymore with tank) both bc the item was left so fucking in the ground. Hell even them shifted their runes becouse how shit the tools riot gives us to itemize (PTA on renek, LT on kled) And now you are telling me that Steraks was the most broken thing on the game? Shut up man. The thing is not broken, their users are nerf to the ground becouse of whining bitches. Seems like the game is just good if you play mage, assassin or tanks the rest better we can take is a big L. That or grab divine sunderer, the only viable item for bruisers.


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