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Game 1: 0:00
Game 2: 7:42
Game 3: 12:39
Game 4: 19:29

ALGS SCRIMS — TSMFTX 56, RNG 41, 100T 38, ESA 37, SSG 33, NRG 31, GHOST 26, TOR 24, CLG 23, FURIA 17, TL 16, LZR 15, KNIGHTS 15, SEN 12, OXG 9, XSET 9, NOBLE 9, COL 8, RAVEN 7, C9 5 —

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49 thoughts on “ALGS FINALS SCRIMS!! | TSMFTX ImperialHal”

  1. As a longtime fan of apex and TSM, it feels nice to see them winning and on it again, you can really see verhulst adjusting to this team showing his confidence and Hal starting to adapt to a more risky and aggressive playstyle now and with Reps as such as skilled anchor for them, this might just be the best version of TSM yet. Speech over lmao XD

  2. tsm need new and better enemys. pro players problems this days are, they have enough success with streaming. this means they are no more interested in win tourneys. tsm is different. tsm wanna win all games ! thats why tsm have a bunch more viewers… my tip for all apex fans like me. delete all the streamers and follow just the alpha men like tsm. maybe the other teams get more ambitious …

  3. Hey Hal, I just wanted to say you really give me inspiration to get better at ranked, I hope someday to be good as you guys, although that would be hard since your all amazing players

  4. Been wanting this for awhile… Please do a video where you go over the nicknames you have for buildings such as Dorito, Donut, etc. It would help other peoples comms get cleared up :)) thx again, great video


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