Ali-A Icon Series Skin Styles Gameplay & Lil' Diplodoculus Emote! Fortnite

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This video is about Fortnite New Ali-A Icon Series Skin all Styles Gameplay
Ali-A Bundle Includes:
Ali-A Outfit
Ali-Tech Backplate Back Bling
Ali-Tech Plasmawings Glider
Ali-Tech Staff Pickaxe
The Blue A Wrap

Time Stamps:
[00:00] Locker Showcase (Different Color Styles)
[01:37] Ali-A Skin Default & Elevated Style Gameplay
[05:05] Ali-A Skin Matroix & Ultra-Armor Matroix Gameplay
[07:29] Ali-A Skin Sapphire Paragon & Titanium Tac (Revealed) Gameplay
[09:52] Ali-A Skin Sapphire Paragon & Titanium Tac Gameplay
[11:18] Ali-A Skin Lil’ Diplodoculus Emote Gameplay


Fortnite New Ali-A Skin all Styles Gameplay
Ali-A Skin and bundle Gameplay
Lil’ Diplodoculus Emote Gameplay
Ali-A Icon Series all Cosmetics gameplay

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42 thoughts on “Ali-A Icon Series Skin Styles Gameplay & Lil' Diplodoculus Emote! Fortnite”

  1. So many customization for this set. Definitely gonna buying this when it come outs I'm so excited also definitely going to be using code ali a when buying his skin 👍😁

  2. Merci pour la vidéo GG fortnite soul un maximum de like et bien sûr code créateur 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑UA97💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  3. Bruh

    Ali-A comes with 12 edit styles (added the 4 colors) and is the first YouTube icon skin to have a glider and wrap.

    Idk if it’s just me but that’s ALOT and it seems unfair to the other creators that got skins. Why didn’t they get to have 12+ edits styles, a glider and a wrap as well???

    If epic gave them a limit on what they could do and add to their skins that’s messed up. If not and the content creators had full control and decided not to add any then that’s fine. But imo I still think it’s unfair. Fortnite does sometimes update skins for future re-releases so it’ll def be nice to see other icon skins get new edit styles, gliders and wraps as well!

  4. This skin has issues the colors at the head dont change in the Last 2 blue Styles and by the last 2 silver styles the head light dont light up like the other Lights


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