All Item Shop Skins that are Not Updated! Fortnite

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This video is about Fortnite All Item Shop Skins that are not Updated.

Fortnite All Item Shop Skins that are not updated.
Outdated item shop rare skins Fortnite.

Time Stamps:
[00:00] Chapter 1 Season 1 Skins
[01:54] Chapter 1 Season 2 Skin
[02:10] Chapter 1 Season 4 Skin
[02:48] Chapter 1 Season 6 Skins
[04:53] Chapter 1 Season 8 Skins
[05:38] Chapter 1 Season 9 Skins
[06:23] Chapter 1 Season X/10 Skins
[07:26] Chapter 2 Season 1 Skins
[09:33] Chapter 2 Season 2 Skins
[10:45] Information About Paradigm Skin
[11:28] Information About Brilliant Bomber Skin


Fortnite All Not Updated Item Shop Skins
All Item Shop Skins that are not Updated
Not Updated Rare Item Shop Skins
All Outdated Rare Item Shop Skins Fortnite

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49 thoughts on “All Item Shop Skins that are Not Updated! Fortnite”

  1. Mistakes in this video:
    Fallen love ranger bundle is also not updated ( i missed it )
    For Zorii Bliss skin the year is 2019 ( in the video it's 2020 my mistake, 🥶🥶🥶 )

    Meaning of Don't have item shop assets:

    It means these skins only have id's these never had any item shop assets (i am talking about old item shop assets)

    Keep in mind this video includes all of the skins/outfits that don't have updated item shop assets. This video has nothing to do with the modified backblings!!!

    Also about the paradigm skin:

    It will never return as it was a limited time exclusive skin only for chapter 1 season x THE END EVENT. It also had a limited time tag with it.

    For Proof here is the video:

    Brilliant Bomber is added to the list just for information, i never mentioned that she will release in the item shop!!!

  2. Really incredible video Fortnite Soul. Always updating us on different skins, and I really appreciate it. If you are in the comments, you are awesome. Have a great day everyone!

  3. Wow kinda crazy there’s really not many skins they haven’t updated yet. Most of them are collabs and Season 1 is all default reskins but the rest is a very tiny handful of skins yet to return like Plague or Rue. Here’s hoping Brilliant Bomber comes out into the Item Shop. Other than Beach Bomber it’s my favorite Bomber skin so I hope they don’t make her exclusive like what they did with Dark Skully.

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the only skin I want really from the video is Sith Trooper and maybe Rue. Crazy to think that Boba Fett is the only Star Wars skin that was updated for the new item shop.

  4. Why are like all the skins for the may 27th shop like not returning because I have seen lots of your videos that everything on may 27th were just forgotten I just wonder why it has been more than year the should make those gone for year and back or whatever it was called in my opinion

  5. I wish epic would rereleased some challenge pack for old skins they would make a ton if money while players are happy we'll the ones who don't care about everything being ig and staying ig

  6. Im sad that the star wars skins are not updated i remember bring it back to the shop on 4th May 2020 in 2021 we didnt got em 🙁 i hope this year (2022) they will bring them back also psycho from season X and stranger things skins too


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