All New Items & Keystones REVEALED!! Season 12 | League of Legends

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All New Items & Keystones!! PreSeason 2022 | League of Legends


39 thoughts on “All New Items & Keystones REVEALED!! Season 12 | League of Legends”

  1. HEATH MY WORDS, lunatic vestements AND abysmal mask (even better paired with an adc good with PTA) is gonna be a new meta. Expect to be blow tf up no matter what you are thanks to all the increased damage taken

  2. Divine crowngaurd is so broken I dont think it should even be added its already so hard to get on the enemy xerath supp this item is just babying these players even more then they should be like they already have zhonyas XD and if they SHOULD add it I hope its nerf'd to 30% dmg reduction like deaths dance for just 1 second not 1.5

  3. The lethality item sounds insanely OP. Hopefully, it's at least balanced with a high price like Navori and not something cheap like GhostBlade/Serpent's. If not you can probably just buy this before your mythic and win the game.

  4. Riot really needs to stop giving defensive items ways to help deal more damage as their main thing and only having the item be defensive because of it's stats. If anything let the stats give some dmg but use the passives and actives for defensive use. This also gives an opportunity for skill expression in the defensive manner.
    Lunari's vestments for example could basically giving allies dmg reduction, so tank supports can cc down or absorb cc for their carries and help them better escape or just help with playing fights slow as you wear down the enemy.
    Instead, it's just damage. Which means champs like garen or voli will probably try it.

  5. Can't w8 for me been called cancer , reported, toxic etc for playing teemo top and building tanky + ability haste to ruin the gaming experience of everybody on my enemy team 😀 The bad news… /all chat is going away 🙁


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