Among Us Escape From Impostor – New Map

The Stickmen and the Among Us have organized an archeological dig, and they’ve found real treasure! An ancient sarcophagus containing Count Among Us Dracula! Oooh! Now the Stickmen will have to everything in their power to survive and return the vampire to his slumber. Will all the Stickmen make it? Turn on the video and watch.

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00:00 – Searching for treasure
00:38 – What’s that?!
1:33 – It’s an angel
1:56 – A secret laboratory
2:36 – The antidote
3:45 – Security camera
4:15 – Let battle commence
6:06 – Vampire invasion
8:39 – Anything but that…
9:36 – Too late to save him

Music by Epidemic Sound

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