Among Us Zombie animation EP31

Hello. I am ACAPLANET.
The story of the crew members who arrived at POLUS began.
Crew members must find Dr. LIME and destroy the zombie tree.
Can the crew members achieve their purpose?
Please look forward to the next story.

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Sir Luque :


46 thoughts on “Among Us Zombie animation EP31”

  1. It's a great animation…when I first watch the first episode I became addicted in this animation…it was a great great animation between all of your fans wants the next episode so hurry up…we can't wait because of your great animation

  2. I was waiting eagerly for this episode.Finally it's here..!!! The animation and the theme is really addictive.Go ahead..!!😉😉

    And support from Bangladesh..🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  3. I love this series, every new episode brings a new obstacle, a new character for the team. I love how this started as a zombie apocalypse and turned into this multi-universe animation. You've only done like 30 vids but they are so iteresting that I wat for days for your next episode to come out!!! Good job ACAPLANET!!!!!! Thankyou!!!!!



    But actually thanks bro, I luv your vids and the snowman from Frozen was hilarious.

  5. Characters so far in these seasons:
    Captain: A smart, strong, and kind leader seen all the way starting from season 1, episode 1.
    Green: A genius and combat sense king of guy. (Also a crewmate on the SKELD in season 1. He also warned the entire crew about a zombie attack.)
    Brown: A kind, funny, loyal guys seen on the starting of the seasons.
    Yellow: An imposter that was on the SKELD in season 1 and helped Captain and his crew destroy all the zombies on the SKELD in season 1.
    Purple: A nice, smart kind of guy seen in the starting of season 1. (Also a really good shooter like Robin Hood. :D)
    Blue: A kind, and super-strong guy that is seen in season 1.
    White: A zombie made in POLUS that disguised himself as a crewmate and boarded the SKELD in season 1. (He was killed by GREEN.)
    General: A general that took over MIRA HQ. He at first tried to get information from LIME, a researcher from POLUS. Then, the General helped Captain and his crew go after Dr. Lime.
    [LIME]: He is the different version of Dr. Lime and is the leader of MIRA HQ in the other universe.
    [PINK]: The other version of PINK in season 1.
    Pink: She was killed by WHITE in season 1 so I didn’t get much info from her.
    [GRAY]: An Imposter and a old student of YELLOW, an other imposter and also GRAY's trainer.
    [ROSE]: The doctor in the other universe.
    [ORANGE]: He was turned into a zombie and was killed in the SKELD in season 1. Though this version of ORANGE is in the other universe.
    Black: A friend of Bruny, and a nice, smart guy.
    Bruny: An monster that lives in POLUS. He is a loyal guy and best friends with Black.

    A letter to ACAPLANET:

    Thank you acaplanet for making this channel of among us zombie. It makes my imagination grow and thrive. I look forward to seeing the rest of the seasons and episodes. Thank you!

    Your big fan, We Broke Out!!!

    P.S.: I am going to count the days left to the next episode.

  6. I just love this series,this is my most favourite among us series 🤩 like I just love it and your creativity is great and I hope more ep will come soon ❤️


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