Among Us Zombie animation EP34

Hello. I am ACAPLANET.
The final battle against the resurrected TRICKY has begun.
Can the crew defeat TRICKY and rescue [Lime]?
Please look forward to the next story.

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Sir Luque:


44 thoughts on “Among Us Zombie animation EP34”

  1. At 3: 18 is the most exciting part of all. The crew fight with TRICKY. Wow black is strong he just been bit by TRICKY like two or three time. Amazing and brilliant episode arcaplanet. I really like it.😊

  2. 遠距離武器組かっこいい&かわいい✨
    Rangedweapon team is cool and cute!
    I'm worried that there may be something in the captain..
    I'm glad to hear a lot of ahhhhhhh lol
    This time was also the best!

  3. Why hasn't this been added to among us already? It could be a great story mode. Though, again, I wish Green and Purple had a bit more story added to them, that doesn't mean that this shouldn't be added.

  4. 한동안인사를못들여죄송합니다! 이화에서28화뒤에 자칭몬스터(레몬데몬)이 새로운보스 로나오면좋을거같아요!(약60화정도가자!!가자!!가자!!!)


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