Among Us Zombie animation EP36

Hello. I am ACAPLANET.
This is the last story of season 7.
There was a lot to work on in this video, so the upload was delayed. Sorry.
Will the team members be able to save [LIME] and stop Dr. LIME?
Please enjoy today’s video.

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Thank you ^___^

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Sir Luque:


24 thoughts on “Among Us Zombie animation EP36”

  1. You are very intelligent that you are a full movie you should be a director a movie should be make you are very intelligent that you make all tha dialogues of each person. Send this series to a director definitely he will like it.

  2. Wow todo estube super genial 😎 sigue así con tu canal nunca quiero perderme un episodio, nunca pensé que iba a encontrar una serie que me gustará bastante, mucha gracias 😁👍😁😁👍👍😁😁

  3. 와 진짜 반전! 너무재밌어요 [라임]이 라임박사라니.. 근데 드디어 오랜만에 태초마을로 가는군요!ㅋㅋ 다음스토리가 너무 기대돼요


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