Among Us Zombie animation EP37

Hello. I am ACAPLANET.
The 8th season of the zombie animation has started.
All crew members have returned to their original universe, and they’ve heard a great story from PORO.
What’s their next adventure?
Please look forward to the next story.

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Thank you ^___^

🎵Music provided by Plum – Melodic Artist (00:28)
🎵Track : 변화하는 세계의 바깥에서 by Plum (2021 리메이크) / Goodbye 2021 –

🎵Music provided by Plum – Melodic Artist (03:48)
🎵Track : 본격 자연재해 연작 시리즈 그 일곱번째 / Hardrain by Plum –


48 thoughts on “Among Us Zombie animation EP37”

  1. I'm Guessing That This Season Will Take Place In Airship And Mira And Season 9 Will Be In The Third (Technically 4th, Counting The Squid Game) Universe!
    And YES MAROON!!! And I'm Guessing His Copying Thing Is Him Being A Shapeshifter Like I Suggested! 🙂
    I Would Also Like To See In The Future The Spinoff Series Have Episodes About [Pink], [Orange], [Gray] And [Tan] In Their Universe! 🙂
    And I Was Hoping To See The Normal Universe Rose Again 🙂 Hopefully He'll Forgive The Other For Tying Him Up!
    Sorry If I Went For A While, I Just Love This Series! I Might Even Make A Review Of It In The Future 🙂

  2. あっ、ROSEってあの医者の事かぁ!

    Oh…ROSE is doctor who tested the crews for zombie-experiment, isnt it?
    I had forgot him, too. I pity him because he has been tied while crew's fights in Mira, Air Ship, and Another Universe.

  3. WoW ! Dis donc, ça va loin cette histoire ! J’aime beaucoup cette série ! Ton imagination est débordante ! J’espère que l’année 2022 nous portera chance à tous ! Surtout pour les épisodes incroyables que tu sors ! Bonne année !

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