Among Us Zombie Ep 90 NEW Zombies NEW Problems – Animation

Among Us Zombie Huggy Wuggy Survival Mode Season 8 Episode 90 More Episodes Full Movie (120 min): …


23 thoughts on “Among Us Zombie Ep 90 NEW Zombies NEW Problems – Animation”

  1. Hmm seems like scp 096 are also making her own zombies also and kossmiser boss is taking mr pinks live in next episode don't do it pinks live will gon because he his friends of teams . I know it kossmiser is taking pinks live because huggy wuggy have already take energy of pink.

  2. Hmm I am thinking that why pink and gray and black do team up because except black they they can't do anything to defeat enemy and all other Powerful crewmates do team up now I think in next episode one enemy will die and I am thinking that it would be olive who is SCP 096.

  3. Razvan Politic I need to tell you might be right but the only way to turn SCP-096 into Mr Olive is to defeat him I mean remember in episode 82 pink use his powers to push white boss in the ground and they turned him into Mr White I think they have to do that same thing that they did with white and you said there is a way to defeat huggy wuggy they will build ultimate blaster to destroy huggy wuggy,s hands and legs and you forget that they have shoot him in his face so that will defeat him and also you forget about kissy missy how will they defeat her if you have better idea my idea is use the ultimate blaster if there was in the future episodes anyway if that happen they will defeat all those bosses also they need to kill Mr Olive and Mr Red even kommisar boss I really wanna see the evil scientist die he survived 4 seasons I can't believe it if he survived 5 seasons I will really become crazy and Mr Red in the very previous episodes Mr Red was in the three seasons because of two infectious things and he backed in season 7 because of this stupid toxic tree in toxic POLUS I wish in one of the future episodes they explode this stupid toxic tree once and for all


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