Another Celebrity Joins WWE Games, AEW Games Update, New UVW Footage & More! (Wrestling Game News)

In this latest round-up of Wrestling Game News we have updates on all of the currently announced games, including an update on Snoop Dogg and WWE 2K22, plus news of another celebrity making his debut in WWE Games!

Also featured in today’s video:

– Spike Dudley has been announced for The Wrestling Code and we have a preview of his new theme music.
– Retromania is now rolling out on PlayStation 4 and we have news of a new arena coming in a future update.
– Aubrey Edwards has confirmed that Brodie Lee will still feature in AEW Games’ AEW Elite General Manager
– New footage of UVW showing off updates to falls and how they are now targeted towards tables


00:29 The Wrestling Code
01:44 Retromania Wrestling
02:46 UVW
04:10 AEW Games
05:07 Snoop Dogg WWE 2K22 Update
06:30 Another Celebrity makes WWE Games Debut

PDubs Arcade Loft Reviews the Retromania iiRcade Cabinet:

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39 thoughts on “Another Celebrity Joins WWE Games, AEW Games Update, New UVW Footage & More! (Wrestling Game News)”

  1. What do you think of 2K including celebrities in the series? Are you a fan of seeing them included or would you prefer to see them stick to actual wrestlers? 🤔

  2. I don’t know if MR.T has a chance but at least he and Mike Tyson actually make sense to be in the game as a character unlike the Terminator or Snopp Dogg MR.T had a match at the first WM and Tyson was a guest ref at WM 14 plus he is a boxer

  3. On the WWE app they have around 180 active wrestlers, counting the UK roster, so unless they get a bunch of Hall of Famers and celebrities the roster will be kinda small because most of the NXT UK roster usually doesn't get in and some of the NXT roster doesn't either.

  4. WWE games they need to focus on just getting the entire roster their current roster some Legends if they can get any Legends focus on that and focus on gameplay focus on a lot of missing matches plus focus on creation diesel kissing too much on b***** 1 instead of you know focusing on stuff that people want to see

  5. Can someone please tell me why is snoop dogg in a fucking wrestling game seriously. That’s terrible and horrible, this isn’t def jam fight for NY, put him in then do a video called 100 finishers on snoop dog

  6. As more time passes, I am getting less hopeful of The Wrestling Code. Ever since I've started following the game, all I've been seeing is roster announcements. It's about damn time we get atleast a little update regarding the gameplay.

  7. If were going to put celebs in surely Pat Mcafee & Bad Bunny should be included. They actually wrestled & were both incredible in doing so. I don't mind Snoop or Mr T either. Hell put them all in!

  8. I always thought it was cool to have celebrities and their entrances in wwe games but I'd like them to not take up slots for current superstars or wwe legends that should have made it tho.


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