Apex Fans WORRIED because of this… (Heirloom and Cross Progression)

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Apex PLEASE Don’t DO THIS… (Cross Progression and Heirloom News)

JMeyels Here,
Apex fans and influencers voice their opinion about the heirloom anniversary skin and also news about cross progression news. Let me know what you think down below and make sure to comment to enter the giveaway!

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43 thoughts on “Apex Fans WORRIED because of this… (Heirloom and Cross Progression)”

  1. Yet Tru still bought it. That’s the problem with apex players. We complain about these outrageous prices and then a ton of us turn around and buy it. Unless we stop buying this crap these tweets won’t mean anything

  2. My friend has gotten banned on 3 different accounts 1 being his main. Even I was like bro it’s too sus how you get banned 3 times ?? But he insists EA just has it out for him and he did nothing wrong. The reason for his ban? He was using a BlackWeb keyboard and the software he downloaded to change the RGB was flagged by Anti Cheat. Idk if I believe that but it’s what he told me. They don’t play the game much anymore they’re on their 4th account that I know of

  3. I’ve slowly been playing Apex less. I have Rev’s heirloom on my ps and bloodhound’s on my pc but it seems like doing so would just waste my money. I would much rather bloodhound over rev but I paid money to get rev’s heirloom.

  4. Certified Heirloom Moment (Heirloom skin should be an all class skin tbh, or a skin with a built in heirloom or just another unique feature the skin alone)

  5. Respawn is just trying to get as much money as possible .. they are turning the game into a noob friendly money grab hence the reason they wanna remove all mnk movment wnd cater towards controller players.. the more kids they get playing the more skins and heirlooms they sell .. I feel bad for any movment mnk players who were fooled into buying all the heirlooms and skins just for the game to go into this direction … r.i.p apex

  6. I got my apex account banned on playstation in season 3, I couldn't get back into it for about 1-2 years. After spending hundreds of dollars on my new pc account, I realized my old account got unbanned. I've been waiting to merge my accounts so I can have all my OG items back but now I'm skeptical as to what EA will do with cross progression. Thanks for the info and much love <3

  7. It had never been about the skins…it’s about the company making money and the person having bragging rights! You can’t see any of the skins you win/unlock/buy…it’s all about having what a lot of people don’t!

  8. I bought the skin but I’m disappointed that it didn’t at least have a unique intro like it would’ve been cool to see bloodhound use his little blaster thing in the intro to give the skin some personality especially if I paid about $130 for it 🤦🏻‍♂️

  9. Me personally I would love cross progression so I can play Apex from my laptop on the go, or on my console, and not have to buy things twice, but the no account merging I don't mind because I really only play on my console and have only bought things for my console 😅

  10. Fix for heirloom skins? Stop charging so much.
    EA has made well over A BILLION in sales for the game just last year, and the game is doing well financially.
    If you would've told the people protesting Horse armor DLC's back in the day that a cosmetic melee or single skin would cost little over $160+ to get and use, they would've blown a gasket.
    It really is inexcusable. So expensive for how little it actually changes and gives you in the game.
    Call of Duty, Fortnite, and other big name competitors can give you badass reactive skins, reactive guns, unique finishers, and decals ALL for $20. To excuse the idea that Apex couldn't do the same because "EA would wose oppowtunities to make mowney :((((" is stupid.
    They would probably make MORE sales if they lowered the prices! Ain't nobody tryna buy this crap unless they're rich!
    When I think of what an heirloom should cost, I think 60$, MAX.
    It costs almost the price of 3 AAA game releases in order to cop a single "Red" item and that's completely sickening.
    So sick of people defending this dollar and mortgaging EA is doing because it's free to play.
    No excuse when your competitiors are free to play as well and do your system BETTER.
    This constant testing of their fan's loyalty is getting old, and people are gonna jump ship by boatloads if something doesn't change price/value wise.

  11. I think that it would have been great to make it to where the heirloom bloodhound skin should have been a battle pass premium award, that way the standard Bp will be only the gun skin for tier 100-110 and for the premium battle pass, up the price to 5,200 Apex coins and for tier 100 you get both gun skins and for 110 you get the bloodhound skin, that way if you have it like that more people would most likely but the premium battle pass, which means more money for apex……………yeah EA you guys really took a massive L this season.

  12. I never had a pc account for Apex and I will be getting a pc . Soon . I understand that you can merge ur skins from console and pc but would I still be able to keep all my shit if I put my ps account on pc ?

    Basically will I have all my skins stats and max level account move over from PlayStation to pc?

  13. I would really like them to add account merging, even if it’s in 1 year! I have 2 Xbox ea accounts that both have a great amount of money spent on them both, If I merged them both then I wouldn’t have to switch between accounts! Just imagine, (this is for ea) no more complaints about account merging! Just listen to your followers.

  14. Bro my shit got banned and I wouldn't even begin to know how to go about cheating. No exploit abuse, no trash talking even… To beat it all its not like I'm even any good. No good badges. Never even played ranked. My kdr is literally around . 5 (sad yes I know, I'm old lol).

  15. If respawn weren't a bunch of money hungry idiots then they would ask us(the players of apex legends) what we want in the game. Why would you change heirlooms and start releasing stupid skins? Answer: it's about 1 3rd of the work for the same amount of money. Laziness and the love of money will be the death of this game


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