Apex FIXED This and DIDN'T Tell US… (Best Change Ever)

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Apex FIXED This and DIDN’T Tell US… (Best Change Ever)

JMeyels Here,
Apex Legends is FILLED with news today as new fixes come in from yesterdays seasonal update which also proposed some new bugs that many are experiencing (especially console fps). One of these fixes being a long requested one.

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31 thoughts on “Apex FIXED This and DIDN'T Tell US… (Best Change Ever)”

  1. I am getting a legend bug where only like 4 legends are playable. Anyone else? THAT ISSUE HAS NOW BEEN FIXED Winners are from last two videos (5 from each) @why ember @dat guy @ludvig anderson @tolier feltser @dramslam45 @teloprortland67 @ali goldfield @godfathers5 @parallel @YELLA L.B.C

  2. Crazy how we are 12 seasons in and nothing about the broken matchmaking has been done. I wont be playing until matchmaking is fixed. I WANT TO PLAY APEX CASUALLY, I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO SWEAT MY COCK OFF JUST TO HAVE SOME SENSE OF ENJOYMENT IN THIS DOGSHOT GAME


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