Apex just SHOCKED us by ALLOWING this in Control…

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Apex just SHOCKED us by ALLOWING this in NEW MODE… Leaderboards, Prestige, Maggie Abilities & More

JMeyels Here,
Apex just shocked a lot of fans with this new edition in the new mode and allowing duplicate legends on the same team. We also got to see a leaderboard system in control mode, prestige skins, maggie abilities and more in Apex Season 12 Defiance Gameplay trailer.

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28 thoughts on “Apex just SHOCKED us by ALLOWING this in Control…”

  1. I made some oopsies in this one lol audio was jacked. Basically all I said was how to enter the giveaway and that the anniversary event was collection event. Nothing new here, just JMeyels things. LOL also they confirmed later you can have only 3. Not all 9. Check out the full explanation of how control mode works here! —> https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends/news/control-ltm-blog
    Winners from last giveaway are @terplane4 @tronom @harold penkner @terracetraler4 @Money Mages

  2. I think next season will change the game. If they do better with some good events all the events this season were just money grabbing ones. Worlds edge is my favorite map because it the best one to play solos on I hate to play with the random team members the past 4 seasons


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