Apex JUST Shocked US in the Patch Notes… (this will make you happy)

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Apex JUST Surprised US and This will Make you Happy (CRAZIEST Patch Notes)

Full Path Notes here: https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends/news/defiance-patch-notes

JMeyels Here,
Apex just released the JUICY Patch notes for season 12 defiance. Today we discuss those notes and the changes to expect this season. Let me know how you all feel about them down below!

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34 thoughts on “Apex JUST Shocked US in the Patch Notes… (this will make you happy)”

  1. Great content man. Keep it up. I liked and have already Subscribed, and I'll continue to interact with your videos to help boost the algorithm. I'm praying for that Season 12 Battlepass win. It would be game changing for me since I can't afford the Battlepass otherwise. Plus, after I get one Battlepass, I'll be able to keep getting the future ones since Apex Coins are included. I just need the kickstart lol.


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