Apex Legends Adding New Types Of Legendary Skins Sparks Anger

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Apex Legends Adding New Types Of Skins For Legendry’s which is going to further dilute the loot pool making it harder to obtain Legendary Legend and Loadout Skins. This wont impact how to get heirlooms or the chances you will earn them but will have a major impact on how often players are able to get the rarest and top tier skins for their main legend. This is all while the Mythic Heirloom skin is still broken on the damage counter and the Frames are still bad for a large portion of the playerbase.
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27 thoughts on “Apex Legends Adding New Types Of Legendary Skins Sparks Anger”

  1. Agree 100% with your assessment – these things like stickers and holosprays are cool items, but they should NEVER be legendary. I would go so far as to say the same thing about charms. Those three should be epic and below only. But, it seems like the more money they make, the more greedy they get over there at EA…

  2. You hit every single point. Yes it is a business …but it’s also their responsibility to ship a working game. I know yes there will be small bugs giving it’s only a 3 month hiatus between seasons. But damn 60 fps dropping to 15 during a match, a 160 dollar skin that doesn’t work 🤔😂😂 and giving us epic STICKERS. GTFOH with that mess EA and Respawn. It’s bad enough we get useless gun charms which I don’t hardly use but imagine… oh snap Imma get that legendary skin or emoji….NOPE… here’s a useless sticker 😂😂😂😂😂Wtf

  3. Apex as a game is being diluted. I highly doubt that they would even compensate us for the new 20 fps games. Such an nauseating experience 🤮.

    Also good to know the jumppad not working was the reason why I died the other day. Thought I was going crazy. Definitely tired of new and old bugs with every season release. Will we ever get a game that just plays like it should?


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