Apex Legends Arena Maps + PS4 Secondary Trailer – Apex Legends News

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3 New maps: Exoplanet, “Artillery”, and Party Crashers ALL for arenas, the new 3v3 gamemode coming to Apex Legends Season 9, Legacy! Come and enjoy an exclusive trailer and some chill vibes with me, and get some info while you’re at it.

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Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43QAopu0aEc


40 thoughts on “Apex Legends Arena Maps + PS4 Secondary Trailer – Apex Legends News”

  1. You should do story or e-book reading. The sound of your voice, is very soothing. If you refine it for very slight changes in emotion but not so that it sounds forced, you may gain some traction in that area. Keep it up man. ✌

  2. Ok ok I saw double-tap in the trailer and bloodhound was holding his knockdown shield while lifeline's drone is reviving him. (Sorry for my bad english. It's not my main language)

  3. I actually believe mirage didnt crash into olympus but into psamathy (the city below olympus)
    I think that because of the purplish lighting which looks exactly Like the city in the fight night and in the legacy of a thief ( both sfto)
    And both happens on that city below olympus


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