Apex Legends Change To Collection Events Has Players Mad With New Addition

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Apex Legends Change To Collection Events Has Players Mad With New Addition


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49 thoughts on “Apex Legends Change To Collection Events Has Players Mad With New Addition”

  1. Apex needs to shape the fuck up, the developers absolutely need to stop this bullshit before the game dies, its fucking clear as day that fans are not happy and they dislike all this bullshit especially the rename for heirlooms, I get trying out new shit and seeing if it's good, but its clear its not good, this might turn out to be one of the most hated seasons yet and it practically just fucking started

  2. I mean, the stickers sound kinda cool and it would add a whole new layer of customisation and uniqueness if done right, but as if getting a legendary banner or holospray in a pack isn't already disappointing enough

  3. No one wants stickers. Holosprays should have been evident of that, they are trash and 98% of the player base doesn't even use them. Stop giving us useless items and start giving us audio fixes, meta changes, etc that we ACTUALLY care about Respawn

  4. No one wants stickers. Literally not one single person that plays this game wants stickers. No one wants holosprays. No one wants emotes. No one wants banner frames. No one wants gun charms. Charms are literally pay to lose. Every single one of them. It is just EA and Respawn creating bloat and hyping it up, pretending people will be excited about it, when realistically all we want are gun and character skins. It dilutes the loot pool, and EA and Respawn know this and people are dumb enough to keep buying stuff to get the skins they want. I've already gotten to the point where I don't even buy most of the skins they put out now. I have the legendary weapon and character skins I like and I'm happy with them. The day Respawn and EA stop allowing you to use crafting material to buy skins is the day the game dies. I've already cut my spending down on the game by like 75% and most of my friends on the game have too. All this new 'content' is just garbage we'll never see or use.

  5. Yeah $8 on a pack is not fun for a holo spray. I was lucky enough to get two skins from the free packs but I feel for those who spend some money and don't get what they want 🙁


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