Apex Legends Collection Event Has A Secret

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Apex Legends Has A Huge Secret For The Collection Event that launchs next tuesday at September 14th with the Rampart heirloom and town takeover but this secret is all about Bloodhound. From the trailerwe got a glimpse of a white raven which is a different kind then the one we normally see with bloodhound along with bloody tracks in the snow with bloodhound shortly behind them. This all points to the changes coming from Hammond labs along with some interesting tidbits about the new Tropic Island map and the wildlife AI function that could be making its way to worlds edge as well..

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40 thoughts on “Apex Legends Collection Event Has A Secret”

  1. It would be cool if we got a bloodhound buff that made since with the lore, like if the white raven now also helps blood hound (blank) in game and you cam see the white raven like you do with the black one

  2. I’m kinda tired of each event that only comes out once every three months is always a specific heirloom. There are 10 or so heirlooms out now and people shouldn’t have to wait a year for hopes of getting an event to get their heirloom. They should just give heirloom shards so more people would be inclined to buy the packs. EA and Respawn make money and everyone who participates can be happy.

  3. Thordan since I have been subbed since you had 24k or so subs, does that enter me for the giveaway? Also BH character is based off Norse mythology, so your not far off from your assumption.

  4. heirloom question: i think the blood might be saying that the beast that killed Arthur is on the loose eating prowlers and the white raven saying something big is coming as we have not seen it before and it is usually roaming earth collecting data but it came back to tell bloodhound something

  5. Yea I agree that they are intertwining more Norse mythology with bloodhounds back story. The eyes of Odin (black/white ravens) clearly point that out. Also noticed you not wearing your hat for this video since I can see your heir lol I tip my hat to you sir.


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