Apex Legends Done Adding New Weapons? Heres Whats Next

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Apex Legends Done With New Weapons? That seems to be the trend going around on social media and by news outlets but make no mistake apex has a ton of stuff planned in the upcoming season and we have it here, from the EPG, to the Hailstorm, the Nemesis AR and the MKA-00 apex legends will continue to make new content and changes going forward.

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36 thoughts on “Apex Legends Done Adding New Weapons? Heres Whats Next”

  1. I do like most of the weapons that are here and If they did stop I wouildn't mind them not adding weapons for a bit though I only just started playing again in season 9

  2. I don't think the guns are a problem. I mean, the more guns, the more diversity we have. But yeah, looking forward to that energy weapon similar to Hemlok since I'm a big fan of that gun.

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  4. Definitely enjoy new weapons, eventually they will have to weekly or bi weekly rotate weapons so the loot pool isn't over crowded tho .. and do not make more weapons that take dual ammo simply because rationing ammo is part of apex.

  5. I like the idea of the hailstorm and cryonade going together with it but as you said do the opposite of what the rampage and thermite do in that it will slow down the fire rate for more long range shots (possibly more damage) with the hailstorm instead of speed it up like we see with the thermite and rampage. This would make perfect sense in my eyes as the name "Hailstorm" suggests this thing will spew out bullets at a crazy rate, making it very viable close to medium range. However the ability to slow it down to get more long-range shots in would make it much more versitile, unique, and viable as a weapon. πŸ˜„

  6. An energy burst sounds dope. I wonder if it will have the single fire option. I just discovered the hemlock. Such a versitale gun for long and short range engagement. Definitely looking forward to a new LMG.

  7. Im down for more weapon in Apex but that 3030 and scout comparison is kinda what the article is saying. Yeah the repeater and scout have different damage, fire rate, mag size, range, hopups (shattercap literally turn a marksman into a shotgun so of course its gonna be different)… but theyre still a marksman for poking at longer range. A better one would be something like the PK and Eva. But hey all guns are for shooting ppl.


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