Apex Legends Is Ash Another Forge? + New Updated Ash Abilities

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Apex Legends Is Ash Another Forge? + New Updated Ash Abilities

In today’s video i’ll be clarifying whether or not ash is yet another forge and if respawn could be pulling the same trick yet again. After that I go over ash’s leaked and speculated abilities which should be quite accurate. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Garret Ash Abilities: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNwnmXx5R8U

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42 thoughts on “Apex Legends Is Ash Another Forge? + New Updated Ash Abilities”

  1. I'm hearing that my professional 8k resolution oscar worthy drawings of ash and her abilities are actually helpful so just let me know if you want me to do these in the future when explaining stuff 🙂

  2. The way you drew the second ability looks kinda like a data knife and how it worked. You throw it and it pulses in a area showing enemies. If there gonna keep ash true to titanfall lore it would fit in perfectly with her. But I’m solely basing that off the drawing you showed

  3. One thing i think you got wrong is hed ult. I believe she will throw it at enemies to make them take increased damage if they stand it in forcing them to either get out or risk dying. If it's what you said it'll force your entire team in a small(presumably) aoe.

  4. I’m Mexican and i just want to say that the beginning scene is so true.

    Guy1: Hey bro lets go to the chickens (idk what that means its just what he said)
    Guy2: Na bro im asleep
    Guy1: Go to the Insert beep noise cuz he said bad word
    Guy2: wakes up

  5. God I sure hope not.
    Just give us something ACTUALLY in the spirit of Titanfall rather than "The daughter of something in the spirit of Titanfall.".
    Literally the coolest simulacrum ever, if they do the forge shit again, a lot of their playerbase is gonna be hurt by it.
    Nothing is worse than having THE badass of Titanfall dangled over your face, only for it to be pulled away and smacked into being left with someone infinitely uncooler.

  6. In my opinion even if ash can do that wraith stills overpowers her, she is much more movement based and can get into buildings easily as she has a longer teleport + phase running. So I am not quite sure why Aceu said that wraith wouldn’t be played anymore as she is still the more movement based legend out of the two.?


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