Apex Legends New Forge Museum POI On The Tropical Island?

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Apex Legends New Forge Museum POI On The Tropical Island?

In today’s video I go over the possibility of there being a forge museum poi on our new tropical island/storm point map. While I would love to see something like this come to the game, this is purely speculation and not confirmed, so its entirely possible it may never exist. But who knows, only time will tell. Anyways, hope you enjoy 🙂

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41 thoughts on “Apex Legends New Forge Museum POI On The Tropical Island?”

  1. Just wanted to clarify this once again: This is my interpretation of how the forge museum could be added into the game. I'm am in no way saying it WILL be added, but it is a possibility and it's definetly something I would love to see. What do you think?

  2. They have NPCs in trials. But you're still right that adding NPCs is a lot of extra hassle for devs. I'm really liking these legends-based pois though. I just wish Olympus wasn't such a dog shit map 😛

  3. im just begging that stormpoint is a smaller map than what we got so far cause i dont want another worlds edge situation where every game is boring unless you drop capital city and have 10% of surviving

  4. I main octane and pathie and love that meme, I try not pushing solo onto a full team and just wait for my teammates to catch up (usually from the other side of the cliffs cuz they slow af with looting) but if that isn't every octane player on my team

  5. Forge museum will be placed as just another poi, I have a feeling they are gonna have some loot points like the prowler area but besides that they don't want this to have a cap city, they also don't want a turbine that no one cares about tho, I have a feeling they are looking for a map they can make kinda like the fortnite og map where everyone could drop anywhere on the map loot up and fight a team or two before rotating for a new spot in zone to fight, trying to make match length longer, this is supposed to be a bigger map than the other to I believe

    It allows for every player both competitive and casual to have favorite drops of their own and spreads players out around the map much better, the reason maps in apex haven't always seen the best changes compared to something like fortnite is the difference between why they do things (destroy dusty to bring more players there from towers, destroy cap in hopes of players not dropping cap) one tried to bring more to other areas the other just tried to remove things


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