Apex Legends New Lower Prices For Bundles + Black Friday Controversy!

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Apex Legends New Lower Prices For Bundles + Black Friday Controversy!

In today’s video I go over how the new bundles for apex’s black friday sale have actually gotten cheaper compared to previous prices, as well as some controversy over the topic at hand. It is certainly interesting to see how respawn uses these tactics to maximize their revenue, but let me know what you think! Hope you enjoy 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Apex Legends New Lower Prices For Bundles + Black Friday Controversy!”

  1. I honestly have no problem of this tbh, its cheaper and it means you dont have to buy multiple packs of coins in order to get the bundle. But honestly I would much rather them not say its "40% off" when it wasnt priced at the original value.

  2. There is one remark I'd make in that the two bundles don't appear to be the same and not just based on the bundle name.
    I don't know if the contents of those two bundles go beyond that specific character and weapon skin, (eg. a card, a charm, etc.) but it's possible there is a sort of "lie by omission" in this context.
    I will concede that I don't know the contents of these bundles since i couldn't be bothered to check them out. It just looks like, from the presentation, the right bundle may contain an extra item (or more) such as a banner frame.

  3. All of the other videos from other creators that talk about the artificially inflated prices focus on the injustice of it, while you focused on how it is actually a better deal now. Great perspective and great video. Thanks!

  4. are you kidding? how much more money could be earned if cosmetic items were 3-5$ so that they were accessible to a larger percentage of the player base. I'm no statistical math wizard but it only makes 67.8879% more sense to lower prices so more and more people buy everything they see in the store instead of 1 item seriously its not like they have an issue pumping out new cosmetics it's just dots on a screen! 20+$ cosmetic items need to be banned.

  5. tbh i think all released skins should be stored for the convenience of other people to purchase and for the company themselves as well to save time, like how CSGO has…
    but also skins that are newly released items should have discounted prices, and revisited items should be sold at full price if they're planning to make comebacks in the future. so this way it'll make these items worth it.

  6. People pay attention to crossed out prices on 'fake' currencies?

    They don't have to follow usually trading standards laws so it's all BS, the crossed out price means nothing at all.

    The only people getting conned by stuff like this is kids who are spending someone else's money anyway.

    I love using the term 'saving X amount of apex coins'. Nope there is no saving there is only the current price that they dictate as there is no true value to the item so technically unless the cost negative you are NEVER 'saving' any money.


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