Apex Legends New Map: Storm Point + Bangalore's Brother & His Possible Connection

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Apex Legends New Map: Storm Point + Bangalore’s Brother & His Possible Connection

In today’s video I go over the new map which is called storm point, formerly known as the tropical island. The video revolves around a theory I have regarding bangalore’s brother and his possible connection to storm point and Maali. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Garret (Maali Leak): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNYRM8_N3gM
Garret Twitter: https://twitter.com/GarretLeaks
KralRindo: https://twitter.com/kralrindo
More Info On Tropic Island (ThordanSmash): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXk_8XwQEWQ

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37 thoughts on “Apex Legends New Map: Storm Point + Bangalore's Brother & His Possible Connection”

  1. I think Mali is actually ash as she's not only an original apex predator and pretty much the only second in command but she also runs the arens so she's the definition of s high authority figure in the arena and the name apex predator as a whole,but Bangalore brother could be a legend down the line

  2. I don't think ash will become a legend because she runs arenas and I don't think Blisk will cuz he's the commissioner of the Apex games if somewhere in the story Jack Cooper gave his card to like his son or something they became a legend that would be cool

  3. I know this isn’t really founded in anything but I think Bang’s brother is gonna be a villain via some ultra loyalty to the remaining IMC factions. This gives Bang a reason to drop the IMC shit and also have a “bio family vs found family” thing

  4. It would be cool if Jackson joined the apex games and I think the voice lines would funny things like Jackson telling embarrassing story about when Bangalore was a kid and I dont know if jackson as met rampart, gibby, and the others at some point in time. It would be cool imo if you had some voice with hubby and jackson talking about the thunderdome days this is if the timeline match up and if they were friends previously.

  5. Just saying if this is what would happen they would make a very good addition to the store line. Just wish they would fix the game before adding new shit on top of the broken crap they already have

  6. Maali is definitely the season 11 legend because of the teaser on Olympus. Idiots need to give up on Ash being a legend because devs have stated over a dozen times that Ash was never supposed to be a legend. She died and was resurrected to host the Arenas.

  7. you know how after any lore drop of any legend there’s always that one character that fans will instantly question “aRe ThEy GoNnA bE tHe NeXt LeGeNd?” (Jamie from Lobas story, Mira from Cryptos, Maldera from Pathfinders, etc)

    well, Bangalores brother actually makes sense for multiple reasons. one i’ve never heard but made up myself is that it would tie in Bangalores mission to make money before leaving the games and finding her brother. that ofc could never happen for money reasons, and it would make sense to instead bring her brother instead of remove her if that makes sense. it would also make in interesting duo

  8. i was playing apex as wraith and my Bangalore teammate pinged a weapon that i picked up after and replied "thank you" then wraith said "oh and im still looking for your brother" so i think your theory is right.

  9. i believe that respown wont add any family member of legend as a playable character , Bangalore's brother might be character just as crypto's sister which will be communication for quest

  10. I have a feeling bangalore's brother could end up a legend at some stage of the game could be wrong as he could also just be a story legend but with everything bangalore brother related lately

    I just went to his send and garett said the same thing in my ear but yeah me too 😂


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