apex legends ranked but only solo queue…

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0:00-0:44 Intro
0:45-4:26 Game 1
4:27-4:57 Today’s Sponsor
4:58-9:11 Game 2
9:12-12:21 Game 3
12:22 Outro

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41 thoughts on “apex legends ranked but only solo queue…”

  1. 3:36 This is an example of a human player over an actual AI bot. Notice how the octane hesitates, then leaves after his teammate is down. If it were AI it would instantly start shooting whoever is thirsting. When you think about your own experience, notice how that NEVER happens with your own teammates yet for some reason the nanosecond you down an AI teams teammate, they both laser you. Just one example of many.

  2. Truly it hurts solo queuing. I just can’t rank up from plat. I can’t my teammates are just incompetent how they falling off the map in kings canyon. (Happy belated btw). You are lucky you get some competent teammates

  3. Happy birthday, I love watching you you’re an amazing person and you should keep doing what you’re doing you inspire a lot of young little girls and boys because there are a lot of guys streamers out there but there are very little girl streamers out there keep doing what you’re doing.


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