Apex Legends Ranked Guide: How To Climb Solo Part 3: Plat To Diamond | Nokokopuffs Ranked Tutorial

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Hi Everyone! My name is Christian, and I’m a professional Apex Legends player, formerly for CLG! Today, I’m bringing you an in-depth guide for people that want to climb ranked in season 7, but don’t have people to play with! I’m going to go over how to take fights, in-game mechanics, and tricks to give you the competitive edge over your opponents! This is part 3 of the series, covering people in Platinum rank, and how to get to Diamond!

At this point, you should have a grasp on the fundamentals. Aim, Movement, Decision-making, and knowledge of the map should all be at a decent level here. Getting from Platinum to Diamond is mainly about practicing what you know, and making the best possible decisions to get to the late game to guarantee better points. Good luck out there on Olympus!

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21 thoughts on “Apex Legends Ranked Guide: How To Climb Solo Part 3: Plat To Diamond | Nokokopuffs Ranked Tutorial”

  1. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has commented and subscribed and liked the videos, this has reignited my passion for pushing out loads of content. I love reading the comments and giving me ideas for future videos! You are all amazing!

  2. the best thing about u is that u don't just put ur best fights on a vid then explain how u got the win
    instead for a better explanation, u go into a game and explain every movement every push
    ur doing great, keep working on good content bro

  3. Dude crypto is so op for a solo queue player if you know how to use him.

    Scans the next ring
    Takes 50 shields from enemies
    Picks up banners
    Revives teammates
    Can have an infinite scan if you emp and face the drone downward like a camera
    RP for every scan
    Can see how many teams are around you incase you need to leave before a third party occurs


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