Apex Legends – The Most Underrated Legend in Season 7?

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Today it was recommended that I try out Revenant! Apparently, he has the second-worst win rate in the entire game just pulling ahead of Rampart… But he really isn’t a bad legend at all and the starts are kind are shocking in comparison. Let me know what you think? Is Revenant seriously underrated? Leave a like and subscribe, enjoy the video. Sponsored by EA http://x.ea.com/62490

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25 thoughts on “Apex Legends – The Most Underrated Legend in Season 7?”

  1. you could not ask for a better fight good job buddy and you also proved that it matters who is using the legend and not always the legend itself you just got to know how to use them to their strenghts and sometimes be creative as well

  2. Rev has the 2nd lowest win rate so I wouldn’t say he’s overrated.. I’d just say he’s straight trash.

    It’s my opinion so no hate plz

    Also I love u stay, keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Ive been maining Revenant for quite some time niw and i can say that Stay you werent using him right. Use that tatical more often. Plus idk why no one else does this but try tossing your tac along with a nade. It makes a good double attack if it hits.

  4. As a diehard Rev main, this is painful to watch. You can spam silence and turbo crab crouch is so strong and hard to hit. But still, really cool of you to give him a try

  5. I don’t think Revenant is underrated… I think he’s super strong where he’s at and I think several other characters need some changes to keep up with some of the buffs that came to a lot of the characters.

  6. I know this is weird but I would love to see u play more Lifeline or Wattson because u neever play those two,along with gibby these arent underrated characters but i wanna see you play other legends many havent seen u play c: itll be interesting

  7. I don't think its very fare to place Revenant on the second worst win rate. You have to take into account how long he has been out vs the time he got his big buff…then compare him against the other legends but do the same analysis on each legend. Last two seasons he has been highly used in the ranked meta because of the buff they gave him. I think if you are going to compare legends on win rates it needs to be on a season bases, or based on when the latest updates went into effect if that makes sense.


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