Apex Legends The Origin Story For Every Voice Actor

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The Origin Story For Every Voice Actor In Apex Legends

Apex expanding beyond just battle royale? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFvVYdO2B8c&t=188s

Hey everyone and welcome back to another Apex Legends Behind The Voice episode! Today I wanted to take a look at the first games the Apex Legends voice actors played in when they were starting their career. Some of these voice actors have been in the business since the 90s and have only improved their skills over time.

If you guys are interested in following any of the voice actors in this video the link to their twitter accounts will be down below!

1. Fryda Wolf (Loba): https://twitter.com/FreeTheWolfVO
2. Roger Craig Smith (Mirage): https://twitter.com/RogerCraigSmith
3. Nicolas Roye (Octane): https://twitter.com/TheNicolasRoye
4. Elle Newlands (Horizon): https://twitter.com/ElleNewlands
5. Erica Luttrell: https://twitter.com/shukrani
6. Mela Lee (Lifeline): https://twitter.com/TheMelaLee
7. Chris Edgerly (Pathfinder): https://twitter.com/chrisedgerly
8. Darin De Paul (Revenant): https://twitter.com/DarinDePaul
9. Allegra Clark (Bloodhound): https://twitter.com/SimplyAllegra
10. JB Blanc (Caustic): https://twitter.com/thejbblanc
11. Anjali Bhimani (Rampart): https://twitter.com/sweeetanj
12. Shantel Van Santan (Wraith): https://twitter.com/TheRealShantel
13. Justine Huxley: https://twitter.com/JustineHuxley


22 thoughts on “Apex Legends The Origin Story For Every Voice Actor”

  1. Why do people keep saying that the video creator "forgot" roles some of the VAs have played, when the video title literally tells us their first video game roles, not their most prominent/most known ones. Like ??? Lmfao. Read or?

  2. I just want to put this out I'm not getting any legendaries in season 7 rock ever since season 7 watch I haven't got a single good thing from the packs unlike all the other seasons all things are rigged the pack

  3. damn…..zen pinball def got the doom eternal vibes coz bethesda created it

    funfact:jb blanc who is caustic also played the voice of blisk from titanfall 2.


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