Apex Legends Things Have To Change And They Need To Change Soon…

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Apex Legends Things Have To Change And They Need To Change Soon…

In today’s video I give you my opinion on apex’s state recently and why we need things to change soon otherwise people will start leaving the game and new players might not come in. It could lead to some bad things for apex’s future and I would hate to see that as Apex Legends is by far my favorite FPS game at the moment. Hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Apex Legends Things Have To Change And They Need To Change Soon…”

  1. Hey guys, just wanted to clarify this once again: What you do in the game and what you buy is completely up to you. You have every right to do whatever you want and all the bad reviews are completely justified. I typically don't do these types of videos but I felt this needed to be addressed. Please don't feel obligated to do something, I'm simply stating my opinion and stance on this situation. Hope y'all have a great day!

  2. This is just a guess because I'm not involved with Respwan or Ea but: I think this could be a funding issue for respawn, we already know EA milks them dry, but it could also be that the employees of Respawn don't care anymore if their game fails or succeeds because they're still on payroll. Less players coming to the game would actually make Respawn's life easier, and they probably know they'll still have a Job regardless. One solution could be to give actual market shares to the Employees of respawn, or maybe Ea could stop milking them til only dust comes out.

  3. Might be time to stop talking to Respawn all together and go straight to EA on all their social media accounts. Seems like if you want to get in touch with a company and get answers you have to make it trend on Twitter. Leave Respawn out of it cause all they’ll do is damage control with half-truth responses and EA gets off scot-free.

  4. Honestly you know how warzone players came swarming to apex, it would be so ironic to see apex players go to warzone, but both suffer from same issue, greedy devs, terrible quality of life but great gameolay

  5. They have bad software developers. Their netcode has been shit since day one. Just look at the analysis for their netcode. Its not designed for high numbers of clients. Its crap. They need better developers, that's it. More developers wont work since its simply just optimization issues, but instead they care about "nice" people when they hire, not skilled…

  6. No, it is not up to us as the players to save the game. It is up to EA. Simple as that. We love this game but there is literally nothing we can do unless EA ups their shit, blaming this on the players makes literally zero sense and only furthers a harmful idea that the players are responsible for the game and not the ones actually damaging it.

  7. I won’t participate in buying items that have become overpriced.

    I love the caustic and bloodhound skins, they are far, far superior to all the others, by a long shot.

    We’ve got a Halloween event..that finishes long before Halloween…so, I’m guessing it is yet again, just another cash cow. This says to me they are trying to milk the remaining cash from the cow before it’s killed.

    I’ll get back to this comment in a year.

  8. My friend with a level 40smn account had an heirloom, she never really plays and one day she got her account hacked and unrecoverable, then on a new account when she hit level 28 and boom another heirloom… im pissed, my account is level 300, i have bought a couple packs here and there, and I play almost every day for the past 2 seasons, yet I cant get an heirloom from the over 200+ packs ive opened. I get its a 1 in 500 packs odds but this is ridiculous how its a random chance kind of thing. make it so you get heirloom shards at level 250, or even 500, make it so there's a guarantee at some point in an accounts life so that those of us who actually put time into a game can be rewarded. It feels like every new player that joins gets put on a pedestal by the game to keep them playing while everyone who they know is gonna keep playing and hoping gets thrown to the side. Even though it sounds drastic I feel like more than half of the legends in the game need to get changed up, and guns like the L-Star, and rampage are too accurate as LMGS(rampage should be less accurate when thermited), and the EVA-8 is still too good compared to other shotguns, and snipers are almost useless imo not because I cant use them but since most fights in apex are almost only close-mid range(just use a G7). And that's my rant.

  9. I gotta Be Honest.
    I really don't like the idea of Ash Being a Replacement for Wraith.
    And I don't even play wraith.
    Why does she have To have a Portal.

    If anything, She should Have a Kit Related to Horizon. Like a counterpart to Horizon.

    I think she Should be a Magnetic Surface or Gravity based Ability Simulacrum.
    Her passive could be Wall Running as she could stick to surfaces through gravity or quantum magnetism. Sorta like horizon glows and slides more.
    Ash would glow and grip walls easier and be able to wallrun when holding jump.

    And maybe give both her and Revenant the ability to Wallhang, let them be able to stop climbing or wall running and just hang in the wall and look around and not be able to shoot but maybe hit abilities.

    Her Tactical should Be A Magnetic Pull or Dash Towards any Surface. Ground, wall, or Ledge. It could be an Ability you hold and see where you pull. Probably not a crazy range but enough to be effective.
    Imagine not being able to make a jump but dashing up to the ledge.

    Then her Tactical could be Similar To Horizons but it could be A Disk that Makes people have stronger Gravity, or magnetism towards the ground.
    Like not be able to jump as good. Or slide as far or fast.
    It could be a small area like Horizon or Caustics Ult but be Scary enough to make people get out of it.
    Imagine not being able to jump slide or barely even climb.
    Like how horizons pulls you in.
    Ash's would pull you straight down.
    While she is wall running around the room and dashing towards walls like gravity boots.

    I really hope people see this and tell me what they think.
    I don't even play wraith but I think she needs more love tbh. And I feel like they're missing the mark on ash when she has so much potential. PLEASE GIVE HER THE ABILITY TI WALL RUN.
    And give Wraith ash's portal for a rework.
    Or something similar.
    Like the ghost orb she makes maybe you can shoot that in a straight line and it could have a decent speed but not be hitscan.
    And it could even go through walls.

  10. EA has drawn Apex devs to fix thier shitty BF2042. The reason why EA lets down Apex is this new ApexTitanField2042.
    They try to mix up all games to one monstrosity to draw more consumers.

    No other project will be supported till they complete fail or succeed with that shitty mockup of a BF.

    Sending Revanant to EA HQ would help.


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