APEX LEGENDS TIPS AND TRICKS – Questions and Answers with TimProVision

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Today we answer the community’s questions on Apex Legends tips and tricks season 7, some stuff about me, some stuff about YouTube and more! This is the first Q and A video I have done and mostly it is relevant to Apex Legends Season 7 and Apex Legends q and a. However we do also talk about some generic apex legends questions and answers and provide some apex tips and tricks, as always. This Apex Legends question and answer video was fun to make so let me know if you want more like this and some more apex legends season 7 tips! These Apex season 7 and apex legends season 7 tips are fairly common but still worth mentioning. The state of apex legends is in a pretty good spot and it is balanced as well.

Let me know if you would like more of this type of video and we can even discuss the state of apex legends season 7 and more in the future! Thank you for the support!

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0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Favorite Gun
0:55 – Items I avoid
2:09 – Is the game Balanced?
3:51 – When to use Nades?
5:00 – Favorite Skin?
5:30 – Favorite game from my Youth?
6:25 – is Crypto a Support Legend?
7:45 – Am I getting another Cat?
8:14 – Why I started YouTube?
9:50 – How to get more YouTube Subs?
10:50 – Advice for Streamers?
12:15 – Favorite Legend Pairs
13:47 – When will I stream again?
14:10 – How to Escape 1v3’s
15:10 – Who do I main?
15:22 – Favorite Map?
16:00 – Favorite thing about Apex?
16:30 – Is YouTube my full time job?
16:45 – How old am I?
17:03 – Views on Loba and Wraith nerf?
17:30 – Favorite Season?
18:35 – The Stat question!


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34 thoughts on “APEX LEGENDS TIPS AND TRICKS – Questions and Answers with TimProVision”

  1. Bro you were missing around 100 for 4k subscribers when you uploaded the Rampart guide and now you're close to 5k, I'm so glad for you!

    Here's my question: Do you play with your viewers?

  2. Honestly, i think you do very well in communicating with your community.
    Do you have any ideas on what the new legend is for season 8 or will you make video about it when necessary?

  3. Tim pro would you play apex with me I play like predetor players because my friends are on predator but I am on gold because I only play 1 hour a day as I am 14 years old but I am very good at apex if you agree to play with me just reply to this comment

  4. I agree with you on the Flatnine because my go to load out is the Flatnine and the R301
    But the Eva 8 is pretty solid, couple that with the double tap trigger and you have a solid gun that can melt enemies is close and medium range, maybe you should try using the Eva 8 sometime because I always love your videos and agree with your opinion buy I don't think you've really given this gun a shot

  5. After week upon week of damn week of constant B S from activison I have sold MW and uninstalled WZ .

    I'm here as a FPS fan, a Sci-Fi fan, a BR fan and squad based gaming.
    Can you please do 2021 guide for new players, I see this game is #2 on twitch has a load of new changes an a new season ahead. Pretty sure i won't be the only 1 looking for a new FPS BR to sink my teeth an time into.✌

  6. There was a time when i was with the people saying apex is dead. But then there was a new map, so i was tempted to play it. And I have never turned back. And thats how I found this channel. I really think holly wood should make a film bout me


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