Apex Legends Ultra Zones are for the Brave!

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Ultra zones have just been added to Apex Legends and the action doesn’t stop. These bubbles will heal your shield and health over time and cause some extremely long battles. Chances are, if you land in a zone, you are going to finish the game there too. Leave a like and subscribe, enjoy the video.

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46 thoughts on “Apex Legends Ultra Zones are for the Brave!”

  1. @staycation I found a Corrupt audio. File when I opened a care package. It looked like a banner card almost except on the ground. And when I got back into the lobby there it was glowing at the bottom of the screen and I clicked on it to get an file I’m assuming from valk

  2. Anybody find the new key cards out of the care packages? 3 fell out and you pick it up but doesn't shown in your inventory.but they show up on your menu in the bottom right corner…🤯🤯🤯 somethings coming oh boy it's in invitation

  3. Yo Stay!! I been watching jankz for a long time, I started fucking with you bc of the games you had with him, y’all niggas is crazy on the stick together. This is the first video I watch on your channel and you know —- well lemme say this, ima real nigga , we know you a real nigga . Real niggas recognize real, feel me ? You gotta admit !! …. your first R-9 shot !! … my nigga !!! … that shit looked like AimBot !! Don’t take this the wrong way my g . I’m just saying I’ve been playing Apex for the past 7-8 Months . I watch Jankz like mentioned earlier. I watch sooxfar, rich, chicken, rachet; you know all the real steppas in this shit . My point is my nigga I’ve never !!… ever ever!!! .. seen a nigga shoot an R-99 coming out of smoke , with no recoil, hitting 19/20 bullets damn near 20/20, while the target is moving side to side like that . I’m subscribing right now and turning on all notifications. Nigga you won ! Just stop playing already . Give us niggas a chance


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