Apex Legends Why King's Canyon Could Get Removed For Season 11 + Possible Night Maps?

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Apex Legends Why King’s Canyon Could Get Removed For Season 11 + Possible Night Maps?

In today’s video I go over why its possible that we could be getting an after dark/night version of worlds edge and olympus in the future, as well as how kings canyon could possibly be removed for season 11.

Night Time World’s Edge Picture: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/hx3vo2/please_excuse_my_awful_photoshop_skill_raise_your/
Intro Heirloom Footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWHiyncZDFU

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31 thoughts on “Apex Legends Why King's Canyon Could Get Removed For Season 11 + Possible Night Maps?”

  1. I disagree that a fourth map necessitates removing one from the pool. A simple change would be to have Duos and Trios on an alternate rotations. So Ranked would have Map A, duos would be on Map B (rotating to C) and Trios would be on Map C (rotating to D). This way, 3 out of 4 maps are always available at a time.

    Yes, some people will avoid a given map or mode by preference, but if we're trying to mitigate the issue with people leaving the game outright due to their preferred map not being available, having 3 out of 4 up at any given time seems like it'd reduce it.

    The question becomes whether people's preference/hatred of a given map surpasses their hated/preference for a given mode, which I suspect only Respawn has the data to determine. I suspect the playerbase would adapt, as it's little different for a map to be currently on an unwanted mode than the current state, where it's missing entirely for a similar amount of time.

  2. I like kings canyon a lot. The third party’s keep you on your toes. Also more people joined the community in the last two seasons which might keep them from taking it out this soon.

  3. It is more likely going to be World's edge that will be removed, mainly because it makes the most sense from a lore perspective that World's Edge would be abandoned in a similar way to how KingsCanyon was abandoned back in season 3. Considering how much the devs love to put lore into their gameplay decisions, it's clear that season 10 is setting up for a World's Edge removal and a transition into StormPoint.

  4. People are stucking in time,we are not in season 3 to worlds edge be the best rank map,since s5 the meta is pushed to offensive legends and respawn have killed defensive legends by alot,kc and olympus are the best rank map,because u can use the offensive legends,besides worlds edge that focused to campers and defense legends,but they are so weak that is just not playable.a opinion of day 1 player and regular master in ranks

  5. Use KC for events. Night match for WE or Olympus would be DOPE af!! I really hope the new map doesn't look like a revived version of KC! Like a KC with a beach or something. It would be dope to have a plush jungle area where we could barely see the sky n wooden bridges spiraling everywhere!

  6. I don’t like Olympus at the moment I just don’t enjoy how the fight goes and just over just feels bad (IMO) I enjoy kings a lot more! Along with world edge I have love the map since season 3 and hasn’t changed!


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