Apex RESPONDS to FANS Server Controversy…

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Apex RESPONDS to FANS Server Controversy…

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JMeyels Here,
Apex Fans Ask about Servers and the controversy behind the issues and lack of servers in some areas and Respawn. Apex Season 13 event could have this new LTM mode in the collection event including Valk’s Heirloom.

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0:00 Hey Guys
0:36 Apex Responds To Server Controversy
2:07 NEW LTM and Event
6:13 Lifeline Reword?
7:26 Announcement

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42 thoughts on “Apex RESPONDS to FANS Server Controversy…”

  1. Personally, I would change up Lifeline's ult a lot and change her passive to work with a wider verity of teams.

    Passive changes would be Lifeline is capable of 1 extra bat/medkit and 2 extra cells/syringes. This would be at least a good buff for the medic… I think…

    Ideas for buffing her ult is maybe remove what we see now and just straight up replace it with something more versatile… I don't know yet but obviously don't remove the whole care package

  2. If apex didn’t drop a new legend/ gun for a year and focused on balancing, server stability, fixing bugs my life would be complete

  3. I don't really mind not having a new legend every season. What Respawn probably do is alternate between new legend, new weapon, new map or even new game mode/LTM for every season. At least then the devs' focus will be on one thing and not 4 things that need to happen all at the same season.

  4. I think that they have a balance season with no new legend when they release the next map so they can still get a good amount of hype and give the people the needed balance changes

  5. I don’t like quick games I’d rather play a 10-15 min game versus a 5 min game cuz I like to explore a lil bit here and there cuz how else ya suppose to learn the maps

  6. I’m a South African Apex player and I was disappointed with the lack of a dedicated server. Having played Titanfall 1 and 2 you would think I would have been used to the lack of under triple digit ping servers.
    Maybe because of my naivety and the love of Respawn I’ve come to not care about the ping anymore. I play on the New York server (which averages about 250 ping) and my gaming experience is usually great most of the time.
    But that’s just me,I do not speak for a whole country.

  7. I watched the gaming merchants video also and started thinking about a season with no new legend. Final thoughts. If they spent the time reworking lifeline, mirage and/or Bangalore plus maybe finding a passive for path, I would be perfectly happy to not see a new legend.

  8. For some reason Thordon Smash and others didn’t know that Newcastle would also revive while dragging teammates. I saw a vid where some one said Lifeline would benefit from Newcastle because he could drag them and lifeline would
    Red them.

    But we now know Newcastle does both so lifeline is useless af now

  9. Lifelines tactical should be like an healing area over time like the size of a gibbys bubble that comes back every 30 secs and last 10 seconds and heals 120hp within the 10 secs and still heals you while being shot in it. Her ultimate should be she gets a temperary extra 20+ flesh health and a thin ring sheild that’s wraps around her as she moves but is half the size in diameter of bubble but doesn’t cover your head or feet and has 60 health that lasts 30 secs if not destroyed and cooldown is 3 minutes. The passive would be a fast self res and you can refill the ring sheild if you res someone during the duration of your ult and adds an extra 15secs to the duration of the ult. Temporary flesh doesn’t come back and you can shoot through the ring sheild. The benefit would be you become a temporary juggernaut to be able to take shots while ressing and be able to hold off the team from pushing after ressing your teammates and heal them with the tactical while they stand within your ring sheild if you still have it. Can also use the ult to be aggressive as well as rotation by foot teammates can stand within your ring sheild as you run from one spot to another if they stay close. The downside is the ring sheild doesn’t cover over head or go to the ground so you can’t stop bombardments or caustic gas from hitting you and ppl can still shoot you in the head and lower legs as well and just shoot together and destroy the ring sheild. They can also just push up close and shoot you without having to hit your ring sheild. She will have a fast res but since she has to manually res she’ll still be vulnerable if she doesn’t have a tactical or ult. Lmk what you guys think maybe even tweak it!!! Just brainstorming ways to make her useful and a medic

  10. Player population?? South Africa has the following servers locally that I know of: Call of Duty. Rainbow 6 Siege, CS:GO and Battlefield among others. You telling me we don't have the player population?????

  11. Genuinely hope you see this comment… So i am a South African player. i play Apex only (no other shooters) sometimes the ping goes in the 400s… The sad thing is we spend money too on this game but why worry about the africans right???

  12. Yep me and my friends talked about this a long time ago. Its ridicolous when theres only 4-5 squads left and the first ring havent even closed yet. I think they should do so the game detects how many squads there are left and then lets say skip ring 2 and 3 and jump straight to ring 4 if theres only 4 squads left before ring 1 closes. But of course there should still be a timer.

  13. Congrats on joining Glytch Gaming! 🎉Really, I just want to talk about my girl Lifeline, who I have barely played since S9 when they took her rez shield, after maining her since S3. I just want the rez shield back. If they need to revert some of the other changes, I'm fine with that. I would rather have a shield and only be able to rez one at a time, etc. She is too reliant on teammates getting to cover now (like most other legends who AREN'T medics), and I mostly queue solo, so she's not a viable option for me anymore… 😭

  14. So I play from Kenya. I tried the Bahrain servers instead of the usual Belgium or Germany servers. I had to wait too long for a match, wasn't worth it. Years ago, I was hoping there would be gaming servers in Africa too because playing on 150+ ping is not fun but honestly gaming just isn't that big in Africa atm to justify setting up servers here.

  15. South african servers are a must though seeing as everyone who plays games here shift towards games with a lower ping they want to play apex but they hate the latency and the lag. When you playing on 200 you can definitely feel it getting shot through doors and after you turn corners.

  16. Id give her revive sheild back…
    It didn't work before because it was so hard to deal with but you new legends new abilities now. It was really strong and alot of people loved it. But I think it is more balanced now.
    XBOX 🙌


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