Apex Season 12 Removes Heirlooms For "Mythics" and Dev Confirms Huge New Info!

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Apex Season 12 Removes Heirlooms For “Mythics” and Dev Confirms Huge New Info!

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31 thoughts on “Apex Season 12 Removes Heirlooms For "Mythics" and Dev Confirms Huge New Info!”

  1. No way im ever getting a legend skin
    the heir looms are actually cool
    maybe i would get a really nice mythic weapon skin but the skins in the game arn't even that cool and this blood hound one is pretty good but its not worth over a heirloom

  2. They better not take out the battle royal. If they have titanfall 3 but call the battle royal in the same game apex…….we would have the perfect game. Can still add control or other game modes in apex

  3. If they added a Titan just do how they did blitz and just use his titan as ulit and it drops and just shoot at a area or have it like walk foewrd slowly and just shoot the floor the floor in front of it like they teased it years ago and they have auto moving system

  4. deos anyone know why i cant change my reticle colour from the steam properties segment this season cos it worked last season and i havent changed anything but it just doesnt seem to work

  5. I think heirlooms need to be cheaper yes it's a free to play game but 500 dollars for 1 and there's 12 heirlooms and it would be way too expensive to buy them all I think instead of every 500 packs it should be half so 250 so at least you can get 1 heirloom once you get to level 500 but its EA and they want money they dont care what anyone else thinks but tell me what you think of my idea

  6. Unpopular opinion I think they are just rebooting titanfall2 with all the modes added and the whole situation they have done since titans were they let heart of Titanfall and I think they would just mess up the whole theme of apex yeah it’s the same universe but it just won’t feel like the same game and feel like a load of re used aspects.


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