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►Respawn recently nerfed the arc stars in the Raiders patch, but honestly… I don’t feel much of a difference. The biggest change was the movement slow mechanic rework for non-sticks, and a slight (maybe 25 damage?) reduction in stick explosion damage. However, the slow from a stick is back and it’s incredible.

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27 thoughts on “ARC STARS GOT NERFED!! (Apex Legends)”

  1. From what I got was that respawn didn't really nerf the arc but more so punished and rewarded it. Getting a double stun for sticking is the rewarding factor while missing a stick would be the punishment depending on how far the enemy is from the arc. Even though a stick on no shields only does 80, that's not really a problem because it takes 2 bullets to down them while they're double stunned.

  2. Why do people complain about arc stars when you get thermite spam and skynade's in every game? i don't pick up arc stars because i can never stick anyone, that's why i just pick up frags and thermites because they're extremely easy to land

  3. The main difference now is that the arc won’t be enough to make you one-shot all by itself.

    The grenade just did everything. I feel like the change is more to give it a unique identity than to make it weaker.


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